Wall to wall GONZOS 1999

It was beautifull to behold, 23 lovers of activity in the outdoors in one room.

Honest Abe, Betty, P***k, Claudia, BIRDER, Sungod, Sarah, Lewis, IMAX, Wendy, Dipper, Jerome"Is there a washroom around?" Bruhm, Scrounger, Mark"I'm Selling Halifax"Stein, Holly, baby Stein (can't remember name, during evening I had trouble remembering sex), Stalker, Helga, VIKING, Fireball, Pack It In, Pack It Out, Linda, and the Payne MAN gathered, replendent in various "T" shirts, to schedule the upcoming 12 months.

As per usual, and in the tradition that no GONZO event will ever be cancelled due to weather, the two driveways quickly overflowed with rain and vehicles at 7:00pm.

The PIZZAS, left over from the Echo Challenge, were immediatly put in the oven, and in moments chips, nachos, peanuts, various dips, munchies, pizza, low cal fruit dipped in high cal chocolate, many beautiful desserts and various beveridges, coffee, and herbal tea were inhaled. After all were stuffed and unable to move from their positions on the floor(23 people, small house) I took a tour of the kitchen, there was enough left over to graze again, with no takers.

Now that I had a captive audience I was to begin to talk about next year and how we could handle all the things we wished to do, with not near enough weekends and vacation times available.

Before I could get started I was humbled as Dipper took the stage to offer some small gifts to "THE" Sungod. First was a real packaged dinner(I, in my tradition normally buy the cheap rice and super soup), a package of immodium(all that were on The Presidential Excursion through the "Whites" will remember), a backpack thermometer to use as a guide for my overheating body, a hiking mirror to check what my colour combination for the day may be, and a "real" stove topper to allow me to simmer.(Personal thing between me and the Dipper.)

Next came what I thought was "la piece de l'resistence" (spelling close Robert???), a PUR-HIKER water filter. I was very thankfull, and both Dipper and I made all aware that this will be considered a complement to our "team" unit we presently have which is on it's last legs.

While I was physically wiping a tear from my eye, Dipper then brought out a bouquet which I figured was for the BIRDER for alll that she puts up with, youse all can only guess. The heavy stalks turned out to be a couple of LEKI hiking sticks.

I can not describe how much these are appreciated. I was at a loss for words. (as you can see by this article I am over this afliction.



The next hour was spent going over the calender and discussing how we can fill the days. After a number of questions are sorted out this tentative agenda will be presented in a draft form.

Next IMAX took us on our own tour of our knowledge of the mountains, hikes, trail names, other GONZOs, and our Patron Mascot via a GAME SHOW format complete with electronic buzzers and flashing lights. Even the leader was respledent in a flashing bow tie.

After dividing into teams to man the eight positions on the game board we begin to answer questions, argue with the leader, argue with each other, etc. Most questions were answered with knowledge with the exception of queries about the real GONZO, how many fingers, real name. etc. We need work on our history. This was a hoot and throughly enjoyed by all.

Those in the win, place show positions were Stalker, Sungod, Pack It In, Pack It Out, Linda, and the Ruffled Grouse(Fireball and Jerome) winning GONZO PEZ despensers.

The success of the night was indicated by the departure time of 11:00 pm. Most GONZOS are usually in bed by now. The Planning Party is now becoming an event in itself.

See you in the hills