Polar Bear Swim 2003       Picasa Photo Album

As we get older and our bodies won't do what they used to do(fragility), and our brains don't want our bodies to do what they used to do(maturity?), and our responsibilities/priorities change(domicility), the New Years Day Polar Bear swim has taken on new challenges.

What had been for many of us(not me, I was an observer), many years ago it seems, was the challenge to get up, get to Black Rock Beach, get into the Atlantic Ocean, and get under. Hollebone, Warnica, the 3 Murphys, Hennebury, Brake, etc., etc..

Things started to change a couple years ago when 'I'm Selling Halifax' invited us to his kennell for muffins, coffee, and various goodies--AFTER Black Rock Beach. This has changed to, forget getting up early to get to the ocean, arrive at Mark's around 10:00am, go out into the backyard, and dip in the tepid pool. (see pics). And then only 2 took the dunk-We are becoming a bunch of whoooosies.--Actually if memory serves be right, OBD took a dunking later in the day but that was not of choice but of stupidity.

Again, as always, food was a major force of the day---muffins, garlic mussles(with loooottttssss of garlic, yummmmie), salads, and red licquerice.

Attendees included, OBD, Donna, Geezer, Packitinpackitout, Linda, Viking, Helga, Halifax, Sue, Imax, Spell Chic, Gregor and the lovely Ann, Scrounger, and the Sungod.

Post Script--Even though I knew there was no 'real' Polar Bear swimmers here, the Dipper would save face in New York where he was visiting relatives. Woo is me. I have just found out, Brucie, Emily, and Sophia Murphy actually went out to Coney Island to 'WATCH' the swim. What a chance for the legend to go on. Oh, well, lets wait for the mountains.

Cheers, love and kisses.

THE Sungod