Mae West & Mime Visit 2004       Picasa Photo Album

Mae West, and the shy and reserved, Mime, were in town over the weekend from, visiting from their riverside chalet in PEI.

Our first thought------Pot Luck.

I'm Selling Halifax immediately opened his kennel for a feeding frenzy with a Mexican theme--The Gonzos, not being real intelligent, and realizing the last pot luck brought all entrees, read Mexican to mean desserts, and the main fair was chocolat and sweet---or was it that our special guests were maybe dessert type people?----check out the web page recipes to verify this, eh!

There was lots of reminicsing amongst the 20 or so that ventured forth that evening, all telling stories of being faster, better looking and smarter.

I attach a few pictures so we will not be able to tell the same lies in 10 years.


THE Sungod