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Subject: 224/10-A Trilogy

How to Fit 224 Hours into 10 Days---A Trilogy

Part I
Fall River Village RumRunners Relay (Halifax to Lunenburg, 117km)

The story starts Friday, September 27, 2002, preparations for the race really started September 29, 2001 when teams begin throwing registration money at me during the reception for last years event. We have been full, 60 teams, 600 runners as of May 2002.

I got out of bed flying knowing I, along with the rest of our 30 invaluable volunteers, would not be stopping until around 8:00pm Saturday night when the reception would be over. I spent the day answering/sending numerous emails, picking up finish line equipment, prizes, T shirts, knowing that Perry Abriel, Mark Stein, Mike Pettipas, Jerome Bruhm, Jeff Warnica, Robert Proctor, Gordon Warnica, Greg MacDonald, and others, were doing similar things, getting generators, computors, vehicles, etc.. Off to bed early knowing that 5:00am will be coming soon.

Brrrriiinnnnggg--moan, groan, time to get going-the weather was ominous at best-it WAS going to rain, would anyone, other than the runners of each leg be there, would we have an glitches with gear, generators, computors, just the elements.

Picked up Chris Hollebone, as per past 10 years, on the Bedford Highway and arrived at Exhibition Park at 5:50am to find more than 20 vehicles already there, registration for leg 1 had begun, runneres were putting on flourescent vests, warming up on the road and we were actually ready to go at 6:20, ten minutes before the start.

Still very dark, not yet raining, the 18th Consecutive RumRunners got underway at exactly 6:31am., we were off and running.

To say things went very well would be an understatement of great proportions. It did rain--really for the first time (other than some short showers) since year one. This had no effect on the participation and fun of both runners and fans, we still had the problem of MANY vehicles to marshall at the start/finish lines, the teams did a great job in maintaining safety first.

The rain stopped around 11:00 at Queensland and the day from then on was just a pleasure. All legs started on time of course, but this was the best year we had for runners (very few) not finishing legs in the specified 10'/mile pace.

The event is becoming each year a party more than a competition, the comraderrie among the teams is a highlight.

A couple times, for the fun??? of it, I left the start line late to follow the race. A parade of cars, viewers, supporters, and locals all along the route. We were a travelling show for the communities of Timberlea, Tantallon, St. Margarets, Queensland, Hubbards, Chester, Western Shore, Mahone Bay, and Lunenburg.

Twelve (12) hours after leaving Halifax we were in Lunenburg, heading for the reception of cold Pizza and Warm Pop, festivities starting at 7:00pm, food eaten, prizes given out, in our cars at 8:00pm and dissapeared in the darkness.

Was/Is the race successful? We have presently 20 teams registered for 2003, ONLY 50 weeks away

Many complements are due the runners, teams, and their supporters. It is also importance to recognize the volunteers, most for the past 10 years, many for the past 15 years, and some for all 18.

The Committee members, all by the way who have been involved from the conception, of Jerome Bruhm, Gordon Warnica, Greg and Ann MacDonald, Louise Ongo, and Bruce Duffy bow down to the work of their volunteer workers.

Finish Line Crew-Mike Pettipas, Jim Abriel, Perry Abriel, James Balcom, Wayne Banks, Nick Slaunwhite, and Ed Verge.

Computor Results-Jeff Warnica, Robert Proctor, Darlene Loke, and Hank Huizinga.

Web Site-Rob Clark.

Course Marshalls-Chris Hollebone, Mark Stein, Bruce Murphy, Ron Kaszor, Nancy Kaszor, Ross Mitchell, Malcolm Pain, Jacques Thibault, and Grant Walker.

Bridgewater venues-Bill and Laura Roblee.

St. John Ambulance-Ken Belfountain.

And our sponsors-Fall River Village (Paul Pettipas, all 18 years), Johnny Nicks Hiking Sticks, TAO (The Adventure Outfitters), Royal Flush, NSPI, Aerobics First, Advanced Screen Printing must be recognized.


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