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Heard that a Scotland hike is being contemplated, 2009? Anyone volunteered at the Feed Frenzy to organize this? Robert and I would love to be part of the organizing...!

Here's some pix from our recent Fall trip showing different parts of the West Highland Way which we spotted in our travels in the Scottish Highlands. WHW is 95 miles from Milngavie (south of Loch Lomond) to Fort William (south end of Loch Ness area).....goes over mountains and moors, and around lochs and fast-flowing rivers. I've included a map that shows the general route and some of the places we saw.....also the plaques of the memorial to Munro who established the 3000 footer's of the Highlands....met many hikers who are peak-bagging the mutliple Munros.

We are thinking of going back to Scotland in 2009 and doing parts of the Outer Hebrides (Cullein Hills on the Isle of Skye for sure) and Orkney Islands as well as the West Highland Way....I was in the Lakes District of, there's right-some-beautiful hills but quite touristy and over-run with hikers.

Sue & Robert