Paddle/Hike 2000

The American weather guys were talking about a 'polar pig' coming down from Canada over the weekend.

Well, we were in the middle of the boars backyard.

It was cold Saturday (-18*C), but clear and just a beautiful day, which made waiting for the Full Moon Hike an eternity.

Rather than sit around on our bottoms all day waiting, the Dipper, Sungod, VIKING, and the Pain Man decided to get their regular? weekly paddle in at the Warnica Marina and Social Tea Club. Arriving at 10:00am we found the cold had frozen over Lake Thomas and we stood around looking kind of defeated. Did anyone see any open water around on their way? Gordon said we should go to the Shubenacadie River at the BIG STOP.

This turned out to be perfect, after running the Level I at the put in, we proceded down the river. It was cold but stunning. Ducks were everywhere as we 'hutted' along. Looks like we will be doing our weekly 1 1/2 hour work out on the Shubie until the end of February until the Lakes open up. The times will change each week, anyone looking for a bit of an adventure should contact Viking or the Sungod to find out the time/day.


After the perfunctionary rendevous at Timmies, Viking, Sungod, the Pain Man, Dipper, Ian and Frosty started up the Powder Mill Trail around 8:00pm. The cold wind off the Lake gave wind chill assisted temperatures of at least -45*C but we were soon in the woods and on our way. It was sooooooooooo bright it could be described as a day hike in the night. The 45" trek to the summit was absolutely stunning. The views over Lake Williams and the Porto Bello Road, the Christmas lights flicking in the distance, gave surreal visions. You could see 'forever.'

As we climbed the gradual incline of the trail bodies quickly warmed up and in general all were saying they were overdressed, even in the fridgid environment. The miracles of the new high tech 'P' garments-Polar Fleece, Polyester, Polypropoline- and of course the old favourite--WOOL.

At the top we hunkered down in a rock fall out of the wind, proceded to get a big bonnie going and cooked some hot dogs. The views were magical, the whole night was magical.


Discussions floated around the stars, biking in Ireland, the American non-election, the fall September Hike, how much fun the paddle was that am., and mainly about the Gaspesie bike ride itinery in June.

After an hour, and the cold started to cool our bones, we shuffled our way back to our vehicles and home to the warm kennels.

Look forward to seeing other Gonzos, and wannabes, at the Meal and Movie next Sunday night and especially the Boxing Day trek around Jack's Lake, and very especially New Year's day polar swim, coffee break, paddle and peddle.

HOPE TO SEE YOU ACTIVE IN THE OUTDOORS, there will be plenty of time to rest later on.


-- The Sun god