Ashburn Sledding 2001

Fourteen hardy GONZOS rendevoused at the Fall River Timmies Saturday to continue the now, three year tradition of an outdoor, physical activity every Full Moon.

Led by the lone K9 participant, C.S. Lewis (Lewis the Licker), Viking, Helga, Hinds Catchup, Sungod, Dipper, IMAX, Packitin/Packitout and his lovely wife Linda, Low Maintainance and her equaly lovely husband Brian, Dudley, Honest Abe, Betty Boop,and the Geezer headed into the fairways of Ashburn Golf Course.

There were many vehicles of distruction, from Betty's stealth bomber which was termed too dangerous by most to the 'BIG' inner tubes of the Warnica's which at times had up to 4 screaming idiots flying down the hill, to Dudley who slid around the park with two long sticks attached to his feet. The was plastic in many shapes attached to the bottoms of Gonzos as they slid back to their youth--a long slide for most. The Dipper even brought an actual tobaggan.

There miraculously were no broken bones, the only close calls were when Dippers 3 partners on the inner tube landed on top of him at high, break neck speed, and when Honest Abe was run over by the stealth on our last run-looked like concussion city but Chris was able to get up and stagger back to the cars.

I always seem to sense that any major injury occurs on the 'last' run. If only people had the sense to say before the last run, that's it for me. Then there would be no injuries.

Cheers and love and kisses to all

Sungod and Birder