Cape Split 2004       Picasa Photo Album

Cape Split is not a long hike, but it isn't too short. It is not real hilly, but it is not flat. It is not rough terrain, but it is not manicured either.

It is just a plain old good hike.

With a nice blend of new Gonzos, young Gonzos, old Gonzos, and K-9's, 18 bodies (42 legs) hiked in the 16 km rtn (or so) wooded trail to the outstanding look off over the Minas Basin/Bay of Fundy.

What a beautiful sunny day which was recognized by many others, as at least 70 hikers were counted passing us going in as we were returning to our cars. Note the picture of the cars parked on the road to the parking lot.

Ah, it's just nice to be moving, eh!

Cheers as the fall season is slowly approaching---Love it.