Battle of the Two B's - Bluenose 2008

The Half Marathon on Sunday between Jerome & me will be one to talk about in the old folks home in the not too distant future.

Bob Brake , Jerome an I left the start line together, only to have Bob push off ahead of us on Sackville St. We lost sight of Bob on Agricola, we continued on together until we hit the first downhill on Russell. And I soon noticed that he can run the downhills quicker than me. But I caught back up to him on the flats of Barrington, and we stayed neck & neck along Barrington, through the Dockyard, along Hollis, and up Inglis on to Young Ave.

When we turned left off Inglis on to Young Ave, we spotted Bob only about 100 ft. ahead of us in the mass of runners. I stopped for water at the far end of Young Ave, and Jerome didn't , thus he got a good little jump on me before we turned left down Pt. Pleasant Dr. Jerome caught & passed Bob just entering the Park. He soon was out of my sight amongst all the other runners. I never caught & passed Bob until when we started up the first hill at the back of the Park. I knew Jerome was putting distance between me & him on the Park hills. Finally after completing the Park, I had a good recovery run down Young Ave. and when I crossed South St. I spotted Jerome's RNS singlet away up ahead around University Ave.

I timed him when he crossed Spring Garden Rd. and he was 27 seconds ahead of me. I started to gain on him going back up North Park and Agricola, and when he turned left on to Isleville St. he was down to 21 seconds ahead. When he turned off Cabot on to Gottington, he was now down to 12 seconds ahead. I had a great run down Gottington St. closing the gap, and when Jerome turned left off Gottington St. onto North , heading to Brunswick St., he was only 8 seconds ahead of me.

However, Jerome got his feet moving on Brunswick St. and I just couldn't close the gap, and when we hit the slight upgrade to the Metro center he pulled a little more ahead of me for a 13 sec. win.

The contest was won & loss on the Park hills.