Blue Nose ½-Marathon 2004

Ever ask yourself, howcome the rain holds off until the gun goes off to start a road race.

I lined up behind the sign 1:45:00 & Under. Since I had already told Bruce @ breakfast on Saturday, I'd should be in around 1:44:50. Just by coincidence two of my Tower Spin Class members were right in front of me. I've got about 25 yrs on them, but for some reason I decided to go out with them at the start, Well that lasted until half way up Agricola street, and that was the last I saw of them. Just approaching the bridge, Bob Brake & Malcolm passed me, so that made me think I'm running to quick. After slowing back a bit, low & behold Rod MacIntyre & Brian King both pass me going down the other side of the bridge. Now I believe I'm going too slow, since Brian is running the Full. I caught back up to Rod at the top of Nantuckett, however Brian would stay out in front of me by approx 50ft. all the way to Prince Albert Rd.

The course takes you up to Slayter street, on to Woodlawn Rd, where the first relay point changes up. Running up Woodlawn Dr. I have all these over energized relay runners starting their section of the race, and of course their going by me left & right.

Down MicMac Blvd under the overpass & into Shubie. By this time everyone is soaked, and your sneakers start picking up the wet crushed stones covering the trail, an some of these tiny stones now find a way of getting down the back of your sneakers.

Into about 3 km in the park, I start catching up to those relayers, the park route narrows considerably on the back half of the Shubie, where you run alongside of the river, making it very difficult to get by these slower runners in front of you.

Finally out of the park an on to the easiest part of the course, Waverly Rd. then over the MicMac Parkway on to Prince Albert Rd. where I finally caught Brian King. Instead of letting us run on the street, they turned us to run on the slippery narrow wooden boardwalk along Lake Banook. This turn out to be even harder to pass slower runners in front of you, very congested.

And now there's Maple St. to contend with, That hill goes on and on, even the band they had playing for us didn't help to pick up your momentum. After reaching the top of Maple, my predicted time of 1:44:50 is long gone (1:49:37). Back on to Slayter st. down Nantuckett, where Mark was standing in the cold rain cheering wildley, which was nice to see, and gives you a boost. Running back over the bridge, you ran into a cold wind blowing, which completely chills you, clear through to the bone. And finally turning down Brunswick, you can hear the loudspeaker over a klometer away, and on to the finish.

There are roughly 3 hard hills on the course, Woodlawn Dr. One at the far end of Shubie, and of course Maple.

I would rate this course as tough as Middleton, only because of Maple St.

This course has potential on a nice fine day, if they removed running up Maple, and got rid of all those relayers.

Wayne Banks