Saturday's Blue Moon Night Hike 1999

17 strong, ventured out on the new Ashburn Golf Course, to brave -15 degrees temperature, with a wind chill, that must have sent it below -20. Tagging along with us were two German Shepard dogs, that didn't see eye to eye with one another. You cannot find much cover, hiking up & down the fairways of a golfcourse.

Saturday's group, consisted of more new people, then regular's. The word seems to be passing from friend to friend about these monthly full moon hikes. However the regulars ( Bruce Duffy, Bruce Murphy, Norm Stein, Chris Hollebone, Bernie Levy & myself are still able to hike up front, a fair distance from the newcomers, as we looked back to find, that we were spread from one end of the fairway to the other.

After about 2 hours of surveying the golf course, we all stopped at Kinsac Lake for meal of Hot Dogs, Sausage's, marshmallows & hot chocolate. Competition arose, between cooking over a bonfire, and using a camping stove. Never put your money on a bonfire. Bruce Duffy fired up his stove, at the same time we lit our first match. Bruce boiled water, cooked a half-dozen hot dogs, and ate, and passed some around to other hungry hikers, well before we started to roast our first sausage.

After warming up our bellies on our provisions, we headed back to the parking lot at 10:55PM. Got back home in time to watch the 2nd hockey game, well actually I saw about 10min. before I fell asleep on the coach.

We'll be back at it in March, for the next full moon hike.

Wayne Banks, CMA.