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The first Friday of February, Munroe Day, a holiday at Dalhousie University for some guy named Munroe who had lots of money at some time. Other than the Dipper who works there, no one really cares. Just a good reason to do something.

As I rolled out of bed at 6:15am I wondered what the day (weather) would bring. Last year it poured down rain, the year before snow/wind, the year before cold, you get the idea----Nova Scotia between November and April.

I arrived at Tim Horton's in Cole Harbour 5" before the designated 7:30 rendevous time. No one yet, will I (and C.S. Lewis) be the only ones? Then within 10" along comes Pactitin/Packitout, Frosty's Dad(and Frosty), the Dipper, Goat, Viking, and Helga (and the lovely Tessa). Coffee, muffins, and bagels consumed, into our cars, and an uneventful hour drive down the #7 highway overlokking the gourgeous Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Trail Head.

Actually we have found a side road that short cuts about 10" on the main dirt, access, road from the (seasonally) closed main gate--(more about that later.)

Cars parked, daypacks hoisted, we walked the short 20 foot side trail--which is in full view (more about that later) of the main dirt, access, road, and away we went, 45 minutes to the 'real' trail head--and pit toilets.

After taking pictures, eliminating our coffee, and just marvelling at the speed into the park's real beginning, we headed into the woods. This is as nice as it gets, walking through woods trails on top of (crisp from the cold) a couple feet of snow (or falling on ice), into open fields with views of the ocean, around the 'head' and through the cranberry fields, slightly windy, slightly cold, but extremly magical. Now it is back into the woods, meeting our old trail, and back to the cars. (more about this part later).

During the trek, we stopped at one of the rocky beaches for pictures, tea, coffee, and baked goodies, stopped at the 'head' for pictures, looked for seals (nope), and stopped at 'the bridge' for pictures, tea, cookies, and a hot dog fry--Dipper had only two dogs, and gave one to Goat, since Goat had the stove.

After rendevousing at the main parking area, we begin the 45" hike on the access road to the 'short' 20 foot side trail to our cars. As we saunteered along we broke into groups--Helga and Goat (and Frosty and Tessa) moving quickly into the lead, Dipper, Ian, Pii/Pio, Viking, and the Sungod (and C.S. Lewis whose little 3" legs couldn't keep up with the other K9s) wondering along a few minutes behind.

When we (the story telling Sungod) and his companions got to the cars there was no lead pack to be seen. (remember more about that later, this is later). Apparently not believeing a 45" walk in would be somewhwere around a 45" walk out, apparently not believing the silver Honda, silver Toyata, and 'old' white police car, were the cars we came down in--soem others must have the same cars, apparently not recognizing the road they were now on did not have the footsteps of 7 hikers and 3 dogs, they contiued onto the main gate which we earlier had so thoughtfully short cut.

After a number of trips between trailheads we found our friends and it is back to HRM. Looking forward to next year already.

Time to get home, have a soak in the tub, and get the gear together for tommorrows overnighter into Jack's Lake--anothe r story and another author

Cheers, love and kisses from the kennel.