Skull Rock 2000

Rocket Ronnie Hits another Home Run, so to speak! If you thought that last night's Night Hike was going to be Normal , and decided not to come, you were wrong, because you should know by now there's nothing Normal about a Night Hike , except that we seem to always start out at a Tim's and have a Great Time. Ron's choice was again great: right length, right place, right height , right theme. Right Length - some of us,still beat up from the weekend , only needed a light challenge ( 40 mins in, 35 min out, down hill )

Right Place - Skull Rock, for some of us this reminded us of Easter and Jesus' Crucifixion on the Cross at a place called " The Place of the Skull".

Right Height - Those of us who had been away to Kenduskeag were still floating pretty high so we needed a high place , which this was . We climbed to a high bluff over-looking the Musquodoboit River.

Right Theme - Kenduskeag, Katahdin, Cross Canada Bike Ride, Canoes, ..........."all good stuff" By now you're wondering who showed up and who's writing this in a strange fashion. Well first there was our leader for the night Rocket Ronnie, hiking friend Marlene, Scrounger and daughter Kristen ( home from university ) , Stalker , Songod, Ian Blair and k-9 Frosty, "Pack it in Pack it out Banks" , Imax and newly-named "Spell Chek". At the bluff, Sun God was enlisting an author for the hike, our usual excellent writers were silent to his request. Finally the Levy's were approached and to Bruces request, Wendy replied "I'll correct Bernie's spelling" , so "Spell Chek " is born.

Now to the hike: as we get out of our cars at the parking lot next to the trail which is the old Musquodoboit rail way bed, we were accompanied by a chorus of melodious Peeper Frogs, PEEP, PEEP, PEEP, PEEP, PEEP This was the first of several outdoor sounds and sightings. We traveled for about 15 to 20 mins on the old rail bed at a crisp pace, the air was crisp, and Frosty seem to have an extra bounce in his pace and was all over the place , and at one point was mistaken for a deer by Songod. Along this section as we passed over the river, a beaver was seen swimming up stream and a Porcupine was seen up a tree. Ronnie then led us off the rails, to the right , then right again , then left, across a stream on two logs, then up up, up ,up, around , over, up, around, back , up , to the top of the "Skull". Facing west, this large granite rock overlooks the Musquodoboit River and the Village, and in the daylight I'm sure it would be nicer yet.

The Moon showed up as we peaked, and stayed hidden in a veil of mist most of the evening. Songod did his one-match fire trick, Stalker stocked the fire, we all sat around, had hot dogs, tea, sausages, cranberry mix, and talked of many things: school, weddings, son-in-laws, Ron's new bike, Bike rides, past adventures, adventures to come, as Sungod would say " All good Stuff ". We headed for home at 20 to 10 , after putting the fire out. Until the next night hike............... IMAX and Spell Chek