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                                Training Rules for Members              ©

               1)  Apply technique with the whole body, the whole mind and all the power     
                     of  the universe.  Leave nothing out.

                2)   Apply technique with emptiness;  no tension,  no intention, no emotion.     
                      Leave everything out.
               3)   Understand and use the advantage of  weakness.
               4)   Know the way.(Tao) Is your cause just? Do you and or your group have the necessary skills? Is your group united?
               5)   Understand that the map and the territory are not the same thing and that the book and the story are not the same thing.
                6) Understand that asperity (Harshness especially as shown in tone and manner) and strength are not the same.
                7)   To become fast, practice slowly to gain high skill, then implement quickly.

                8)   To  become formless, practice form diligently, become skilful l in all forms.When you can transition easily from form to form  you will be formless.

                9)   To better understand these rules, do not  follow them.

               10)  All beginners are masters. All masters are the end!  The end is a beginning. Life is a cycle;  return to rule one. 

                      In case of antinomy (conflicting rules) all rules apply equally.

                     Rules of Life.   Rule 1. There are  No rules.            Rule   2. Rule one always applies.

                    SOCIETAL RULES;  always apply and are infinite.  Inquire at your local library,
                    supermarket, community centre,  pub or coffee shop.

                    Written and compiled by James Wood                                                                       ©
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