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NS Snooker and Pool Associations

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Eastern 9-Ball Cahampionship

Dick Barker defeated Dave Boone 17-14 in the final of the 4th Annual Eastern Canadian 9-Ball Championship Oct 12-14 at Golden Mile Billiards Club in Saint John NB.

Barker plays out of the Almon Billiards club of Halifax. Boone is the house pro of the Q Billiards club chain in Halifax.

With 106 entries from all 4 Eastern Canadian provinces, the competition was quite tough.

In the final, Barker sped off to a 6-0 lead only to have Boone fight back to within one after 19 games. Then they traded off the next 6 games. Barker took command again and rattled off 3 in a row to put him in a position of needing only one morewin to capture the title. Boone fought back, taking the next 2. Barker finally potted the 9-ball in the 31st game to win the match and Championship by a score of 17-14.


This was Barker's second win at this event in the 4-year-old event. He won the innaugural one in 1993.

Boone was the defending champion, winning the 1995 event over Wayne Warner from the Truro area who plays out of Peter Thompson's Truro IQ Billiards club

A side                                                        
Dick Barker    13                                             
                 ----------------Barker   9                   
Todd Williston  9                                             
                                           --Boone    14      
Dave Boone     13                                             
                 ----------------Boone   13             --Barker
Peter Mcdonald 12                                       Champion      

                                           --Barker   17      
                                           Winner B side      

B side                                                           
Ernie Layman   13                                                
                 --Layman    13                                  
D Belliveau    10              --Layman  13                      

                 --Mcdonald  12                                  

Wayne Gallant  13                          --Layman   10         
                 --Gallant   13                                  
Jeff Wilson     6              --Gallant  7             --Barker 

                 --Williston 10                                  

                                           --Barker   13

Submitted by Bob Miklos <>

1996 Nationals

1996 Canadian Nine Ball Championships

The Canadian 9-Ball Championships continually packed in the crowds at the Midtown Plaza in Saskatchewan, as the championships unfolded into a battle of veterans.

The final featured Canadian Pro Tournament Player, Paul Pottier against veteran all-round shooter, Bernie Mikkelson. In a race to 15, Paul jumped into an early lead in the final; eventually leading 14 - 11 before Bernie was able to pull even with him. With the final tied at 14, and each player needing only one game to clinch the title, it appeared Paul Potier was about to run out when his position left him snookered behind his final ball and he missed allowing Bernie Mikkelson to have ball-in-hand. Bernie, in true champion style ran the table winning the championship by a narrow 15 - 14 margin.

Both players have advanced to the World Championships to be held in Sweden.

 Top Finishers:
 1st - BernieMikkelson, Alta. Trip to World's plus $2000
 2nd - Paul Pottier, BC. Tripto World's plus $1500
 3rd - John Horsfal, BC $1300
 4th - Reeickman $1000
 5th - 6th Jim Fong Alta. and Fabian Louison Sask. $800
 7th - 8th Bill Ganne Alta. Bill Smith $650
 9th - 12th Greg Wilson NS, $500
                Ben Reicker Alta $500
                Cameron Sask. $500
                Ken Bartko Alta. $500

1996 Canadian Snooker Championships

With the return of former professional player Kirk Stevens, there was a buzz of excitement about the possibility of a player rising to the challenge to defeat the clear favourite for the title. The final sixteen showed a good representation of players from across the country with 2 from Nova Scotia, 3 from New Brunswick, 2 from Alberta, 3 from the host province Saskatchewan and 6 from Ontario.

The highlight of the event, and destined to become one of the classic matches of the Canadian Snooker Championships, was the matchup between the ex-pro Kirk Stevens and the 22 year old Nova Scotia Champion Greg Wilson.

It was apparent early on that the young Nova Scotian was not to be intimated by the more seasoned veteran. Although Kirk Stevens was the early leader and led by 5 - 3 in a race to 7, he was unable to shake a determined Greg Wilson. After six hours of gruelling snooker the match was tied at 5and then a 6. In the thirteen and deciding game with only the colors left, Kirk had an opportunuity to run out but was unable to clear the table. Greg came to the table to win by sinking the pink on a difficult long pot. In a show of appreciation both players were given a standing ovation by an appreciative standing room only crowd.

In the semi-finals of the top half of the draw, Wilson failed to defeat Ben Reicker of Alta. who had played steady, and cool headed throughout the tournament. The other semi-final featured tough Gerard Morrison of Ont. and veteran Nova Scotian, Ray Saunders. Saunders playing perhaps the best snooker of his career came out on top 7 - 5.

The final of the championship belonged to Reicker when Saunders failed to Find the range. Reicker winning handily 8 - 4. Both players have qualified to represent Canada in the IBSF World's Championships in New Zealand in November. The high run of the tournament was by Kirk Stevens at 128. Greg Wilson placing third in the tournament will be the alternate choice if either Ben Reicker or Ray Saunders are unable to fulfill their commitment. Good luck to all the Players.

Thu, 3 Oct 1996
Report submitted by:
arthur durant <>

1995-1996 Nova Scotia Executive

Cue Sports Nova Scotia is the governing body for competition in Nova Scotia, with two main divisions:

1995 Executive SNOOKER Division
President Ray Saunders 468-1654
Vice Pres Rocky Johnson 434-1226
Secretary Dale Brimicombe 479-1072
Treasurer Brad Smith 423-2522

1995 Executive POOL Division
President Rocky Johnson 434-1226
Vice Pres Dave Boone 423-7151
Secretary Dale Brimicombe 479-1072
Treasurer Brad Smith 423-2522

Many of the top competitors play in both divisions. Snooker is the traditional competitive sport played on large 6'x12' tables. Pool, or 9-ball competition is no growing rapidly, and is played on 4'x8' tables.

1996 Annual General Meeting

TIME : 1:30PM

NOTE : This information is only tentative at the present time,pending confirmation by the Executive of Cue Sports Nova Scotia.If there any changes to be made , there will be an immediate notification posted.

This meeting is open to all members of Cue Sports Nova Scotia,so not only do we welcome you to attend,we also encourage it.This is an elec- tion year,so if youre interested in being on the Executive ,you should attend this meeting.The future of 8Ball,9Ball and Snooker,is in your hands.

1996 Nova Scotia Snooker Championship

The Nova Scotia Snooker Championship was won Saturday May 6 by 22-year old Greg Wilson, the youngest to ever win the event.

Wilson defeated veteran former champion Ken Shea 7-6 in the final. With the win, Greg Wilson earned the right to represent Nova Scotia in the Canadian Championship in Saskatoon.

Shea had already earned a berth in the Canadians by virtue of an earlier win in the Maritime Open. They will be joined by semi-finalist Cookie MacLeod who earlier won the Maritime Closed.

For some reason, this year's tournament featured few long runs, with most players taking a few points, then deciding to run with a safety play. There were no centuries. Longest runs were in the final, with Wilson shooting a 74 and a 73, and Shea had a run of 72.

There were several upsets and near upsets to maintain fan interest. Based on tournament seedings, which are based on earned Provincial Rankings, Twelve of the 31 games saw a lower seed win over a higher ranked player. Six were in the 16-game first round. Most notable was a late night win by #23 Manoj Vohra over #10 Doug Mattatall who was reportedly playing very well coming in. In another first-round game #2 Jamie Stevens barely survived when #31 Mike Cusack jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead before narrowly losing 5-4.

However, the tournament settled down. Highest seed to make the quarter-finals was #12, and the highest to reach the semis was #7.

Nova Scotia Snooker Championship

April 30 to May 4, Bay Court, Mic Mac Mall

Submitted by Budd Kaiser <>

The 1995-96 NS Provincial Snooker Championships are being held April 30 to May 4 inclusive at the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth

The first Matches begin at 11:00 AM on Tuesday with the Final Match on Saturday starting at 1:00 PM

Here is the first-round draw for the tournament. Numbers in Brackets represent Provincial Ranking position earned during 95-96 season

Actual scores and an abbreviated draw sheet are in the link below.

Kristal MacLeod (1) Sydney
Hugh MacEachern (32) New Glasgow

Bud Filek (17) Halifax
Budd Kaiser (16) Dartmouth

Bill Martin (24) New Glasgow
Rick MacDonald (9) Sydney

Jose MacDonald (25) New Glascow Dave Burns (8) New Glasgow Peter Borden (28) New Glasgow Derek Martin (5) Sydney Bill MacPherson (21) Sydney Jim Campbell (12) Dartmouth Sheldon Eldridge (20) Sydney Peter Mahoney (13) New Glasgow Jim Florion (29) Dartmouth Ken Shea (4) Dartmouth Roger Kent (30) Dartmouth Ray Saunders (3) Dartmouth Brad Smith (19) Halifax Roy Thibault (14) Dartmouth Joe Bowman (22) New Glasgow Keith Davidson (11) Sydney Jacques Cote (27) Dartmouth Greg Wilson (6) Halifax Ray Billard (26) Sydney Antony Wong (7) Halifax Manoj Vohra (23) New Glasgow Doug Mattatal (10) Dartmouth Ed Mrazek (18) Sydney Pat Brake (15) Dartmouth Mike Cusack (31) Sydney Jamie Stevens (2) Sydney

  1st Round        2nd Round   3rd Round   SemiFinal  Final
    5/9              5/9          5/9         6/11    7/13

Kristol MacLeod	5
  Wed 6:30pm       MacLeod  5 
Hugh MacEachern 0
                  Thu 6:30pm   MacLeod   5
Bud Filek      5
  Tues 11:00am     Filek    3
Budd Kaiser    1
                               Fri 11:00am MacLeod 1
Bill Martin    2
  Wed 1:00pm      MacDonald 5
Rick MacDonald 5
                 Thu 11:00am   MacDonald 2
Jose MacDonald 0
  Tues 6:30pm     Burns     3
Dave Burns     5
                                           Fri 4pm    Shea   6
Peter Borden   0
  Wed 11:00am      Martin   3
Derek Martin   5
                  Thu 1:30pm   Campbell  1 
Bill MacPherson 4
  Wed 4:00pm       Campbell 5
Jim Campbell    5
                               Fri 11:am   Shea    6
Sheld Eldridge 5
  Tues 4:00pm      Eldridge 0
Peter Mahoney  1
                  Thu 4:00pm   Shea      5
Jim Florion    1
  Tues 4:00pm      Shea     5
Ken Shea       5                                              Greg  
                                                     Sat 1pm  Wilson
Roger Kent     1                                              NS Champ
  Tues 1:30pm      Saunders 5  
Ray Saunders   5
                  Thu 4:00pm   Saunders  2
Brad Smith     5
  Tues 1:30pm      Smith    4
Roy Thibault   0
                               Fri 1:30pm  Wilson 6
Joe Bowman     5
  Wed 4:00pm       Bowman  4
Keith Davidson 3
                  Thu 1:30pm   Wilson    5
Jacques Cote   0
  Tues 11:00am     Wilson  5
Greg Wilson    5
                                           Fri 6pm   Wilson 7
Ray Billard    2
  Wed 11:00am      Wong    5
Antony Wong    5
                  Thu 11:00am  Wong      5
Manoj Vohra    5
  Tues 6:30pm      Vohra   0
Doug Mattatal  2
                               Fri 1:30pm  Wong  1 
Ed Mrazek      5
  Wed 1:30pm       Mrazek  1
Pat Brake      3
                  Thu 6:30pm   Stevens   2
Mike Cusack    4
  Wed 6:30pm       Stevens 5
Jamie Stevens  5

1996 Nova Scotia Intermediate Snooker Championships

April 9th - 13th
Center Court Halifax Shopping Centre
Top 32 Players
Round 1
(See scores and drawsheet in pages below)

Neil Grady (Dartmouth)       
   vs        Tues.10:00AM
Jeff MacLaren (New Glascow)  

Gord Snooks (Halifax)        
    vs       Tues.12:00PM
Manaj Vohra (New Glasgow)    

Art Richard (Halifax)        
    vs       Tues.2:00PM
John Fortune (New Glascow)   

Dale Brimicombe (Halifax)    
     vs      Tues.4:00PM
Jose Macdonald (New Glascow) 

Rick Leon (Sydney)           
   vs        Tues.10:00AM
Peter Borden (New Glascow)   

Conrad Billard (Sydney)      
     vs      Tues.12:00PM
Bill Gillain (New Glasgow)   

Bernie Keeping (Halifax)     
     vs      Tues.2:00PM
Donnie Bates (New Glascow)   

Glen Bearnes (Sydney)        
    vs       Tues. 4:00PM
Mark Jordan (New Glascow)    

Ray Billard (Sydney)         
    vs        Wed. 10:00AM
Mike Mason (New Glascow)     

Earl Gracie (Sydney)        
    vs        Wed. 1:00PM
Hugh MacEachern (New Glascow)

Rick Johnson (Dartmouth)     
    vs        Wed. 4:00PM
Jeff Gillain (New Glascow)   

Tim Richards (Dartmouth)
    vs        Wed. 6:00PM
Bob Petroff (New Glascow)

Sheldon Eldridge (Sydney)    
     vs       Wed. 10:00AM
Tony Siddall (New Glascow)   

Keith Davidson (Sydney)      
     vs       Wed. 1:00PM
Art Brennan (New Glascow)    

Dale Young (Dartmouth)       
   vs         Wed. 4:00PM
Pidge Ashworth (Dartmouth)   

Robert Porter (Sydney)
     vs       Wed. 6:00PM
John Brazil (New Glasgow)


Round 1           Round 2      Quarter    Semi       FINAL     
                               Final      Final                
Neil Grady      4                                              
Jeff MacLaren   0 Grady      4                                 
Gord Snooks     4              Grady    5                      
Manaj Vohra     2 Snooks     3                                 
                                          Grady    1           
Art Richard     3                                              
John Fortune    4 Fortune    0                                 
Dale Brimicombe 4              Br'combe 0                      
Jose Macdonald  2 Brimicombe 4                                 
                                                     Leon     3
Rick Leon       4                                              
Peter Borden    2 Leon       4                                 
Conrad Billard  3              Leon     5                      
Bill Gillain    4 B Gillian  0                                 
Bernie Keeping  4                         Leon     5           
Donnie Bates    0 Keeping    1                                 
Glen Bearnes    1              Jordan   0                      
Mark Jordan     4 Jordan     4

Ray Billard     0                                              1996    
Mike Mason      4 Mason      3                                 Cham[ion
Earl Gracie     4              Gracie   3                              
Hugh MacEachern 3 Gracie     4

Rick Johnson    3                         Richards 4                     
Jeff Gillain    4 J Gillan   2                                           
Tim Richards    4              Richards 5                                
Bob Petroff     3 Richards   4                                           
                                                     Eldridge 6          
Sheld Eldridge  4                                                        
Tony Siddall    0 Eldirdge   4                                           
Keith Davidson  4              Eldridge 5                                
Art Brennan     1 Davidson   2                                           
Dale Young      4                         Eldridge 5                     
Pidge Ashworth  3 Young      3                                           
Robert Porter   4              Porter   1                                
John Brazil     3 Porter     4                                           
                                                     Grady    4 Grady    
                                                     Richards 3 3rd Plac

Maritime Closed Tournament

The "Krystol MacLeod" Maritime Closed tournament will be held at Senators Snooker Club in Glace Bay, NS. April 5,6,7.
           A-Side                        B-Side          
1st        Trip to Nationals (Vancouver) $350 + trophy   
           $1200 value + $200 expenses                   
2nd        $500 + trophy                 $250 + trophy   
Semis      $200 each                     $100 each       
Qarters    $100 each                     $50 each        
Final 16   $50  each                     $25 each        
High Run   $100                          $50             
           $3200                         $1200           
                Total----- $4400                         
Draw takes place April 4 6:00pm. Deadline April 4 6:00pm.

Registration $50.00

All players classified as A or B player

Single knock out on A-side
Double knock out on B-side

Dress Code (dress shoes, dress pants ,shirt and tie)


Tournament is sanctioned by Cue Sport NS, CAB, and SA


       Winners                       Runners Up      
1995   Ken Shae                      Jeff Kennedy    
1994   Krystal "Cookie" MacLeod      Billy MacPherson
1993   Cookie                        Dave Boudreau   
1992   Cookie                        Ray Sanders     
1991   Cookie                        Ray Saunders    
                  B SIDE                             
1995   Anthony Wong                  Peter Jiles     
1994   Joe Vigneau                   Bill Martin     
1993   Pat MacDonald                 Mike Kiley      

For Hotel Reservations or Registration
Contact Sheldon Eldridge at (902) 842-9440

The Tournament Chairman now has an email account as well.

Click here to send a message to the chairman:
Sheldon Eldridge <>


Double Kockout Format
Loser of A side matches go to B side
Winner of B side plays winner of A side in the finals

A side results

Final 8 players
Dale Young 11 Roy Thibault 3
Dave Boone 11 Art Durant 7
Rocky Johnson 11 Robert Bradley 3
Pete Thompson 11 Bill Martin 3
Dave Boone 13 Dale Young 8
Pete Thompson 13 Rocky Johnson 8
Dave Boone 15 Pete Thompson 12
B side results
Round 5
Dick Barker 11 Roy Thibault 8
Greg Wilson 11 Art Durant 9
Ken Shea 11 Robert Bradley 10
Ray Saunders 11 Bill Martin 10
Round 6
Greg Wilson 11 Dick Barker 6
Ken Shea 11 Ray Saunders 9
Round 7
Greg Wilson 13 Dale Young 5
Rocky Johnson 13 Ken Shea 12
Rocky Johnson 13 Greg Wilson 5
B side final
Rocky Johnson 15 Pete Thompson 5
Championship Match
Dave Boone 17 Rocky Johnson 11
Junior Championship Finals
Keith Surrette BW 13 Ryan Mackenzie TRURO 9

Sent via email by Rocky Johnson <>

1996 Provincial 9 Ball Rankings

Standings after 2 Tournaments
Pos Player(Town)                TP      Pts
1   Dave Boone (Hfx)           2       200
2   Peter Thompson(Trruro)      1       75 
2   Dick Barker (Hfx)           1       75 
4   Greg Muise (Dart)           1       50 
4   Kristal McLeod (NewWaterf)  1       50 
6   Rocky Johnson (Dart)        2       40 
7   Dale Aucoin (Truro)         2       38 
8   Dale Brimicombe (Hfx)       2       19 
8   Peter Giles (Dart)          2       19 
10  Lee Daartt (Trenton)        1       15 
10  Greg Gilbert (Hfx)          1       15 
12  Doug Borden (Truro)         1       10 
12  Randy Demont (Hfx)          1       10 
12  Dick Harper (Lwr Sack)      1       10 
15  Dave MacDdonald (N/Glas)    1       8  
15  T MacQuarrie (Port Hawks)   1       8  
15  Bill Martin (N/Glas)        1       8  
15  Herb Waters (N/Glas)        1       8  
15  Dale Young  (Dart)          1       8  
15  Charlie Sutherland (Hfx)    1       8  
15  Pat Landry (dart)           1       8  
22  G Campbell Jr (N/Glas)      1       6  
22  Gerald McLeod (Truro)       1       6  
22  Derek Martin (Glace Bay)    1       6  
22  Bill Holmes (N/Glas)        1       6  
22  Gordon Comeau (Hfx)         1       6  
22  Doug Barkhouse (Truro)      1       6  
22  Daniel Frost (Hfx)          1       6  
22  Chris Pater (Hfx)           1       6  
30  Danine Acheson (L/town)     1       4  
30  Dean Cormack (Hfx)          1       4  
30  Aris Ferrolino (Hfx)        1       4  
30  Jeff Gillan (N/Glas)        1       4
30  Tony Siddell (N/Glas)       1       4           
30  Lorne Medley (N/Glas)       1       4           
30  Don Fraser (N/Glas)         1       4           
30  Glenn Easton (Sydney)       1       4           
30  Mike Nugent (Stellarton)    1       4           
30  Craig Langley (Port/Hawks)  1       4           
40  Derek Campbell (Westville)  1       2           
40  Ray Billard (Sydney)        1       2           
40  Greg Campbell Sr (N/Glas)   1       2           
40  Joe MacNeil (Pictou)        1       2           
40  Danny Wood (N/Glas)         1       2           
of 44 players                                       
Next Open Ranking Tournament: Sat. Mar 16/96        
at Q Billiards Club, Salter St., Halifax.           
Report emailed by arthur durant

Report emailed by Budd Kaiser
This "A" tournament was supposed to take place at Spryfield Cue. While the first round was in process, the power went out. After some 2 hr delay, the tournament was moved to Burnside Snooker Club where it resumed.
First round:
Jim Campbell (bye)
Hugh MacEachern vs Jose MacDonald (no show)
Bud Filek def Herb Waters 4-2
Anthony Wong def Pat Brake 4-2
Jim florian (bye)
Kristol MacLeod def Ed Mrazek 4-3
Derek Martin def Sheldon Eldridge 4-3
Brad Smith (bye)
Greg Wilson(bye)
Dave Burns def Roy Thibault 4-3
Budd Kaiser def Jacques Cote 4-3
Rick MacDonald def Roger Kent 4-2
Ray saunders def Bill Martin 4-0
Manoj Vohra def Peter Mahoney 4-2
Jamie Stevens def Mike Cusack 4-0
Keith Davidson def Doug Mattatal 4-2
Round 2:
J. Campbell (bye),
A. Wong def B. Filek 4-0
K. MacLeod def J. Florian 4-1
D. Martin def B. Smith 4-1
G. Wilson def D. Burns 4-1
R. MacDonald def B. Kaiser 4-2
R. Saunders def M. Vohra 4-0
j. Stevens def K. Davidson 4-0
Round 3:
A. Wong def J. Campbell 4-1
D. Martin def K. MacLeod 4-1
G. Wilson def R. MacDonald 4-3
R. Saunders def J. Stevens 4-3
Round 4:
Anthony Wong def Derek Martin 5-2
Ray Saunders def Greg Wilson 5-4
Ray Saunders def Anthony Wong 6-2

The Ken Shea Maritime Open

Burnside Snooker Club, Dartmouth NS
Feb 9-11 1996
            4/7       4/7      4/7      4/7      5/9     6/11
    Kevin Walsh                                              
 Brian Ashworth     Walsh                                    
   Claude Smith     Smith                                    
 Jose MacDonald                        Shea                  
       Ken Shea      Shea                                    
     John Riley               Shea                           
    Bob Petroff   Petroff                                    
 Laudie Gallant                                 Shea         
   Roy Thibault  Thibault                                    
Robert Azeviedo           Thibault                           
 Kirk Clouthier   Azevied                                    
   Rick Johnson                     O'Keefe                  
  Jerry O'Keefe   O'Keefe                                    
Peter Mahoney     Mahoney                                    
     Dave Boone                                              
      Bud Filek     Boone                    SEMI        Shea
     Bill Rymes              Boone                           
      Emile Hui     Rymes                                    
   Jeff Kennedy                       Boone                  
  Jamie Stevens   Kennedy                                    
     Dale Young     Young                                    
    Roger Hicks                                Boone         
   Peter Bordon     Hicks                                    
Doug Mattattall          Mattattal                           
  Robert Porter Mattattal                                    
Hugh MacEachern                   Mattattal
     Roger Kent      Kent                                            
    Ray Billard   Billard                                            
  Manoj Vohrald                                                      
    Jim Florian   Florian                             FINAL          
                              Leon                           Shea    
      Rick Leon                                              Champion
  Russell Milks      Leon                                            
   Ray Saunders                        Leon                          
    Troy McLeod  Saunders                                            
     Dave Burns           Saunders                                   
   Steve Gibson     Burns                                            
   Anthony Wong                                                      
   John Fortune      Wong                       Leon                 
 Jeff MacLearen               Wong                                   
    Greg Wilson    Wilson                                            
Kristol MacLeod                        Wong                          
     Joe Bowman    Bowman                                            
     Brad Smith     Smith                                            
  Wayne Gallant                              SEMI     Gallant        
  Greg Gauthier   Gallant                                            
  Rocky Johnson            Gallant                                   
   Jamie Carter    Carter                                            
    Garett Lane                     Gallant                          
 Art Richardson      Lane                                            
   Jeff Keleher   Keleher

   Adam Cuomere                              Gallant
     Jaque Cote      Cote                           
    David Green     Green                           
   Bill Roberts                       Green         
     Bob Miller    Miller                           
    Carl Deveau    Deveau                           
Scores emailed by Budd Kaiser ak846@ccn.cs.         

Ken Shea wins the trip to the Canadian Championship in Vancouver BC
in June where he will be seeded 4th because of his win here.

B Class players who lost in the Main A Event drop into
a B tournament running at the same time. Scores will be 
posted later. 

Just a reminder that the next "ranking" tournament, the 6th of 9, will be
held at Spryfield Cue this coming weekend. These are a series of         
tournaments where NS players compete to accumulate points to qualify for 
play in the Provincial Championships. Most of the players come from New  
Glasgow, Sydney, and metro areas.  ...Budd

B Ranking Tourney Feb 25

The following are the results of the B ranking tournament held at Senitor Snooker on Sunday Feb 25
Sheldon Eldridge -- Bye
Earl Gracy -------- Bye
Keith Davidson ---- Bye
Jay Macdonald ----- Bye
Conrad Billard def Ray Billard -(4-2)
Rick Leon --------- Bye
Robert Porter ---- Bye
Glen Bearns ------- Bye
Round 2
Sheldon def Gracy (4-3)
Davidson def MacDonald (4-0)
C Billard ------------ Bye
Porter def Bearns (4-2)
Eldridge def Davidson (5-3)
Porter def C Billard (5-2)
Porter def Eldridge (5-3)

Robert Porter wins tournament and 27 points for the ranking.

Report emailed by Conrad Billard

"A" Ranking Snooker Events

NO.  DATE      HOST CLUB               LOCATION               
1    Sep 30    Burnside Snooker Club   Dartmouth              
2    Oct 28    Senators Snooker Club   Glace Bay              
3    Nov 25    Q Billiards Club        Spryfield              
4    Dec 16    Century Snooker Club    New Glascow            
5    Jan 06    Triangle Billiards      Halifax                
6    Jan 27    Rack and Cue            New Glascow            
7    Feb 17    Q Billiards Club        Spryfield              
8    Mar 09    Senators Snooker Club   Glace Bay              
9    Mar 30    Burnside Snooker Club   Dartmouth              

"B" Ranking Snooker Events

NO.  DATE      HOST CLUB               LOCATION     GLASCOW   
1    Sep 23    Burnside Snooker Club   Dartmouth    Rack & Cue
2    Oct 21    Broken Cue              Dartmouth    Century   
3    Nov 19    Q Billiards Club        Spryfield    Rack & Cue
4    Dec 03    Broken Cue              Dartmouth    Century   
5    Jan 20    Burnside Snooker Club   Dartmouth    Rack & Cue
6    Feb 03    Broken Cue              Dartmouth    Century   
7    Feb 24    Q Billiards Club        Spryfield    Rack & Cue
8    Mar 16    Burnside Snooker Club   Dartmouth    Century   
9    Mar 24    Q Billiards Club        Spryfield    Rack & Cue
    Under NEW GLASCOW are parallel B tournaments in NG clubs.

Major Events

     DATE      MAJOR EVENT             LOCATION           
     Dec 08-10 Maritime CLosed            TBA             
     Feb 09-11 Maritime Open              TBA             
     Apr 09-13 B" Provincials          Hfx Shopping Ctr   
     Apr 22-27 Provincial Championship Mic Mac Mall , Dart
     May 04    Closed Wildcard            TBA             
     Jun 15-22 Canadian Championship      TBA

Open 9-Ball Ranking Events $500 Added

NO.  DATE      HOST CLUB               LOCATION    
7    Sep 09    IQ Billiards            Truro       
8    Oct 22    Pocketeers              Bridgewater 
9    Nov 04    Breakers                Dartmouth   
10   Dec 02    Supercue                Lr Sackville

Ladies 8-Ball Ranking Events $200 Added

NO.  DATE      HOST CLUB               LOCATION    
1    Sep 23    Q Billiards (Salter)    Halifax     
2    Oct 21    Almon Billiards         Halifax     
3    Nov 19    Pocketeers              Bridgewater 
4      TBA     Burnside Snooker Club   Dartmouth   

Junior 9-Ball Ranking Events

NO.  DATE      HOST CLUB               LOCATION    
7    Sep 10    Q Billiards (Spryfield) Halifax     
8    Oct 15    Almon Billiards         Halifax     
9    Nov 05    IQ Billiards            Truro       
10   Nov 26    Pocketeers              Bridgewater 
11   Dec 17    Q Billiards (Spryfield) Halifax          

Major Pool Events

NO.  DATE      HOST CLUB               LOCATION         
     Oct 07-09 Eastern Cdn 9-Ball ChampST John NB       
     Nov 10-12 CPBA ProAm 9-Ball $3000 Q Spryfield Hfx  
     Jan 15-20 Prov 9-Ball Champs      Hfx Shopping Ctr 
     May 10-18 BCA NA 8-Ball Champs    Las Vegas, Nevada
       TBA Cdn 9-Ball Champs TBA 

1996 9 Ball Open Schedule

Emailed by arthur durant
Open Class Tournaments
Mar 16 Q Billiards Club Salter ST Halifax
Apr 21 Pocketeers Club Bridgewater
May 25 Rack and Cue New Glasgow
Jun 08 Almon Billiards Almon St Halifax
AAA Tournaments
Mar 09 Captain Cue Blower St Halifax
Mar 30 Q Billiards Salter St Halifax
Apr 28 Almon Billiards Almon St Halifax
May 05 IQ Billiards Truro
Jun 29 Century Snooker New Glasgow
  • 1996 Provincial 9 BALL Championships
    • March 1st & 2nd
  • Open Class Division
    • top 64 qualified players
    • from various regions of the province.
    • Friday March 1
    • 32 playing at the Spryfield Q
    • 32 playing at Q Central {Hunter St}
    • final 6 players will play Sat Mar 2
    • Halifax Shopping Centre, Centre Court
    • final scheduled for a 4pm start
  • Junior Division {18 yrs & Under}
    • Sat Mar 2 Almon Billiards
    • top 16 play down to 2 Finalists
    • Final game 3:00PM Halifax Shopping Centre

    1995-96 Provincial 9-ball Rankings

    Standings after six tournaments
    RANK     PLAYER         PTS         TOWN
    1   Peter Thompson      389        Truro
    2   Dick Barker         350      Halifax
    3   Rocky Johnson       191    Dartmouth
    4   Dave Boone          176      Halifax
    5   Greg Muise          111      Halifax
    6   Greg Wilson         104      Halifax
    7   Mike Zinck           65  Bridgewater
    7   John McCoombs        65    Dartmouth
    7   Pat Briand           65 Lr Sackville
    10  Randy Demont         58      Halifax
    11  Bob Miklos           56      Halifax
    12  M Trites             50      Halifax
    13  Dale Aucoin          44        Truro
    14  Dale Brimicombe      42      Halifax
    15  Peter Giles          39      Halifax
    16  Charlie Sutherla     33      Halifax
    17  Dale Young           32    Dartmouth
    18  D Borden             30        Truro
    19  A Younis             29   Mahone Bay
    20  Fred Sinclair        25    Dartmouth
    20  Joe Marsman          25      Halifax
    22  Wayne Warner         22        Truro
    22  Scott Rogers         22      Halifax
    24  Doug Brown           20      Halifax
    24  K Surette            20     Yarmouth
    26  K Pickrem            18  Bridgewater
    27  Art Durant           16      Halifax
    28  K Darcy              16 Barss Corner
    29  K Gallant            15      Halifax
    29  Robert Bradley       15    Dartmouth
    31  Mike Kinsman         14      Halifax
    31  Brian White          14   Kennetcook
    33  Eleanor Reardon      12      Halifax
    33  G MacLeod            12        Truro
    35  Bill Martin          10  New Glascow
    35  Craig Boyce          10        Truro
    35  Craig Harrison       10        Truro
    35  D Doucette           10        Truro
    35  L Medley             10      Halifax
    35  A Sullivan           10 Barss Corner
    41  Chris Dimitropou      9   Beaverbank
    42  Ken Shea              8    Dartmouth
    42  Jon Wilson            8      Waverly
    42  Shawn Miller          8   Kennetcook 
    45  P Ghiz                6      Halifax 
    45  J Bogue               6      Halifax 
    45  Tony Leblanc          6      Halifax 
    45  Angus Dunford         6      Halifax 
    45  C Penney              6     Yarmouth 
    50  Cory Langille         5  Bridgewater 
    50  Ross Marr             5     Hants Co 
    52  Pat Brake             4 Lr Sackville 
    52  Dan Simms             4      Halifax 
    52  Neil Sack             4 Indian Brook 
    52  M Llewellyn           4  Bridgewater 
    52  Norm Best             4    Dartmouth 
    52  B Moulton             4      Halifax 
    52  R Michelin            4      Belmont 
    52  Y Roy                 4 Lr Sackville 
    52  T Otterman            4        Truro 
    52  N Nugent              4   Stellarton 
    52  B Ashworth            4      Halifax 
    52  T Barnett             4  Bridgewater 
    52  R Nickeerson          4     Yarmouth 
    52  D McGrath             4  Bridgewater 
    52  Kevin Crawford        4    Dartmouth 
    52  Rick Colbourne        4  Bridgewater 
    68  Colin Maloney         3 Shubenacadie 
    68  J MacNeil             3   Stellarton 
    68  Bill Henneberry       3      Waverly 
    71  D Barkhouse           2       Onslow 
    71  J Lannon              2      Halifax 
    71  R Saulnier            2     Yarmouth 
    71  A Clairmont           2     Yarmouth 
    71  D Adams               2 Shag Harbour 
    71  M Crowse              2  Bridgewater 
    71  Herbie Watters        2  New Glascow 
    71  E Clayton             2      Halifax 
    71  D Harper              2 Lr Sackville 
    71  G Joseph              2 Shubenacadie 
    71  Rob Millard           2      Halifax 
    71  Len MacDonnell        2    Timberlea 
    71  J Hurlbert            2     Yarmouth 
    71  Bob Billings          2  Bridgewater 
    71  Ray Saunders          2    Dartmouth 
    71  Donald Scott          2    Dartmouth
    87  Trevor MacDonald      1    Dartmouth
    87  J Dann                1    Dartmouth
    87  S Sperry              1  Bridgewater
    87  Troy Cherrett         1     Hants Co
    87  Robie MacLennan       1        Truro
    87  Bud Filek             1      Halifax
    87  Laurie Baker          1      Halifax
    87  Tony Turner           1      Halifax