Welcome to Telecommunities Canada 1997 Conference


August 15-18, 1997 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Post Conference Reports

Welcome to Canada's fourth Telecommunities Conference. Building on the previous conferences, which were held in Ottawa, Victoria, and Edmonton respectively, ...

Telecommunities 97 will be held on the campus of Dalhousie University easy walking distance from Historic Properties and Halifax's exciting and vibrant harbour front. All conference sessions will be held in the spacious Student Union Building which will be dedicated to our needs. The Student Union Building is located on University Avenue in the middle of the Dal Campus. The Sherriff Hall Residence is on the campus as well at the corner of South and Oxford Streets.

The theme we have chosen for 97 is PARTNERSHIPS - partnerships with governments, businesses, organizations, universities, school boards, and libraries. Sustainability is a major concern for all community nets. Are there examples of partnerships which communities have been able to forge which have been mutually supportive? We look forward to your input.

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