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This Is the motor Vehicle section of the Freelance Technology Information Site. This is one of the most important sections because The parts compatibility list was the origonal idea behind making this whole thing.

The parts compatibility list is a section from my experience that tries to show what parts fit what cars no matter who made them. Example, 1985 chrysler 14" 4 bolt rims from Dodge caravans, K cars, will fit Chevy Chavettes, Nissan Micras, Honda Civic,..... etc etc etc...

The Chevette Information Page will mostly be a set of links to the many and abundant resourses for chevettes accross the web, and a few fun things I've learned over the years.

Parts Resourses will be a list of junkyards and stores that can be called before you go to any of the larger parts dealers, to save yourself a few dollars.

Weird How Tos is going to be the funnest page under this section. Wanna make a smokescreen, get or loose some ground clearance, make a convertable, and more. Uaually the fun and way. (disclaimer: I hold no responsibiliy to loss of legality in the saftey of your cars if you try any of these things <wink>)
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