Urban Community Access Program

HRM Community Access Meeting
Neighbourhod Cluster Concept
March, 2000

         The only area where the Urban CAP program will be available in Nova Scotia will be in Metro HRM which is being defined as the area bounded by Sackville, the Prestons, Eastern Passage and Spryfield.

         For the purposes of this Program Metro has been divided into thirteen Neighborhoods and two "communities of interest". Within each of the Neighborhood there access will be provided by a Library Branch and at least one junior or senior high school. In addition other organizations in the neighborhood wishing to provide access are invited to join the Neighborhood Cluster. The attached list of Neighborhoods and cluster participants includes organizations, which have indicated an interest, as well as some that we have identified as possible participants to be contacted.

         At this stage six of the Neighborhood Clusters have had meetings and are in various stages of application preparation. This is also the case for the two Communities of Interest.

         The access arrangements in each neighborhood will include a Library Branch and a senior or junior high school. Other sites will be added in response to needs and opportunities.

         Special consideration will be given to the needs of seniors, low-income families, and people with special needs.

         People at each of the sites within the cluster will be aware of the services available at each of the other sites so that people can be referred and special support can be taken advantage of.

         The Chebucto Community Net can be a participant in each of these clusters so as to offer low-cost connectivity for those who wish to have access in their homes or low cost connectivity at an access site.

         Chebucto in cooperation with the HRM Webmaster can also serve as the host for community information, which then can be accessed by the entire HRM and also linked to HRM site.


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