Urban Community Access Program

Community Access Meeting
Cole Harbour
Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum
February 15, 2000

    In attendance:

  • Margo Hudson
    HRSB - Community Education
    Tel: 464-2595 Fax: 464-5138 email: mhudson@hrsb.ns.ca
  • Darcy Johns
    Cole Harbour Library
    Tel: 434-7228 Fax: 434-7448 email: trdj1@ponyx.nsh.library.ns.ca
  • Mike Whitehouse
    Cole Harbour Radio
    Tel: 434-8376 Fax: 434-7501 email: mwhitehouse@iprimus.ca
  • Jim Olds
    Cole Harbour Radio
    Tel: 435-9692 email: jolds@sprint.ca
  • Colin MacKenzie
    Cole Harbour Radio
    Tel: 425-3880 Fax: 425-1526 email: cmackenzie@ns.sympatico.ca
  • Kimberley Parry
    Cole Harbour Radio
    Tel: 425-3880 Fax: 425-1526 email: cmackenzie@ns.sympatico.ca
  • Terry Eyland
    Heritage Farm
    Tel: 434-0222 Fax: 434-0222 email:farmmuseum@ns.sympatico.ca
  • Bernie Hart
    Technology and Science Secretariat
    Tel: 424-7377 Fax: 424-0129 email: hartbe@gov.ns.ca
  • David Murdoch
    Chebucto Community Net
    Tel: 422-2110 Fax: 425-2747 email: murdoch@csuite.ns.ca
  • Leo Deveau
    Chebucto Community Net
    Tel: 424-2249 Fax: 494-1242 email: ljdeveau@chebucto.ns.ca
  • Joanne Fraser
    Chebucto Community Net
    Tel: 488-4655 Fax: 425-4888 email: joanne@riversystems.com

    Invited but unable to attend:

  • Ron Cooper
    Councillor District 4
  • Doug Rigby
    Dartmouth Seniors
  • Valerie Macleod
    HR School Board
  • Representative
    Westphal & Cole Harbour Fire Fighters Association
  • Representative
    Cole Harbour Place
  • Karen Parusel
    Technology & Science Secretariat
  • Devri Warnell
    Cole Harbour RCMP Community Program

    Meeting Summary:

  1. CAP Program

             Bernie Hart gave a presentation on the CAP program. He covered what CAP is, who the program is for, definition of sites, requirements for establishing a site, current sites within HRM (goal is to have 25-30 within the urban core of HRM and 25-30 in rural part of HRM) and the neighbourhood cluster concept using Dartmouth South and Sackville as examples.

  2. Group Discussion

    1. Cole Harbour area

               Using a map the geographic area that would be included in the "Cole Harbour neighbourhood cluster" was discussed. Eastern Passage, Cow Bay and Lawrencetown would be separate neighbourhoods/communities outside of the area under discussion today.

    2. Other Cole Harbour groups that could be included/consulted:

      • Service Providers Group (currently includes Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage, Prestons). They meet twice/month. Next meeting is March 10 - 9-11 am at Wade offices. Margo will see if CAP presentation can be put on the agenda.

      • Seniors (Seniors Advocate, Seniors Friendship Group, Computer Training for Seniors at Cole Harbour High, Seniors Manor- Circassion Drive)

      • School Councils

      • Homeowners Associations

      • Dartmouth East Mental Health Team (Susan Shaddick - Cole Harbour Place)

      • Mormons Centre (Cumberland Rd)

      • PACT (Parents and Children Together) - Cole Harbour Rd.

    3. Possible ways to convey information

      • Dartmouth Laker (newspaper)
      • Cava-Chronicle
      • Internet column in Daily News
      • Library Guide

    4. Possible Sites

      • Library and Schools (junior and senior Highs) - they are a given - part of the program
      • Gordon Bell Building - concept of a "communication centre" that would be linked to the community radio station was discussed. The Cole Harbour Community Radio Society has many partners (Kings University Journalism, Kings Tech, CKDU, MTT, Nautel). Currently all resources and volunteer effort is going to the CRTC radio license application. They come to the table with an invitation to work with others. The communication centre concept is part of their vision and CAP is consistent with their mission. Their catchment area is larger than Cole Harbour- would cover all of Dartmouth and Lawrencetown. Good potential for involvement with other CAP sites.
      • Mobile unit - could move to various locations such as malls, seniors manor, farm museum, etc)
      • PACT
      • Heritage Farm Museum - although the location would be good - they do not have staff resources/appropriate space.

    5. Next Steps

      • CAP presentation to the Service Providers Group
      • Follow-up meeting with the Community Radio - TSS. CCN, Industry Canada and Margo Hudson to be included in this meeting.
      • Follow-up by TSS/CCN with other groups identified (eg: PACT)
      • Share Information from today's meeting -
        • minutes will be forward to all in attendance and those invited but unable to attend
        • web site: http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/UrbanCAP/ - contains information on previous CAP focus groups and meetings


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