Urban Community Access Program

Dartmouth East Community Access Program Meeting
Woodlawn Public Library
May 5, 2000

    In attendance:

  • Charby Slemin
    Woodlawn Public Library
  • Rosemary Matsell
    Dartmouth Literacy Network
  • Bob Watt
    Woodlawn Church - seniors programs
  • Doug Rigby
    Dartmouth Seniors
  • Pat MacDougall
    Technology Specialist HRSB
  • Elaine Jeffery
  • Bernie Hart
    Technology & Science Secretariat (TSS)
  • Joanne Fraser
    Consultant CCN and TSS

    Invited but unable to attend:

  • Sandra Hawrylak
    Dartmouth Literacy Network
  • Ann Roman
    Learning Resource Centre - NSCC
  • Scott MacMillan
  • John Burton
    Dartmouth East Boys & Girls Club
  • Ann Osborn
    Nova Scotia Community Services
  • David Murdoch
    Coordinator, Halifax Regional CAP
  • Leo Deveau
    Chebucto Community Net

    Meeting Summary:

             This meeting was intended to acquaint people with the Federal-Provincial program designed to provide public access to information technologies and the internet. The purpose was to gather interested groups together to give an overview of this program and to explore together the possibilities for establishing community access arrangements in Dartmouth East.

  1. Community Access Program - Overview

             Bernie Hart gave a presentation on the Community Access Program. The program is addressing the issue of the "digital divide" between those who access to information technology and those who don't. Many government services are being phased out and availability will only through the internet. For example the government bookstore will close but it will be available on-line. The direction is to have all services on line by 2004.

             Key points covered in the presentation were:

    • Is a joint program of Industry Canada and the province (Technology & Science Secretariat)
    • what a CAP site is
    • requirements to meet funding ?
    • rural and urban approaches to CAP
    • since 1996 140 sites established with 224 as the target
    • components of CAP.

  2. Cluster Concept

             The rural and urban approaches to CAP were highlighted. In Urban HRM the cluster concept has been adopted with 13 potential clusters identified. Each would have a library and high school (either junior or senior) as its core sites with other sites depending on community need. A list of cluster sites was distributed.

  3. Dartmouth East Community Needs

             Discussion centered on what the needs were, who else needs to be involved and where potential sites might be located. A map outlining the "cluster" areas was looked at and discussed. The lines for what we are referring to as Dartmouth East look fine.

      Community Needs
    • What about Port Wallace area?
    • Westphal school
    • Dartmouth Teachers Resource Centre - Rosalind MacDonald - 435-8341
    • Woodlawn Church - Don Hill
      • Has an active food bank (4 churches - run by volunteers), seniors crafts, clothing store
      • Could be an ideal location?
      • Staffing is an issue
    • Malls?
    • Elementary schools Michael Wallace and Ian Forseyth - nothing else in that area
    • Strip mall off main street - individual there who has lobbied council for a library in the area
    • Although the NSCC and YMCA could not attend this meeting - discussions have been held with NSCC and they are prepared to look at hosting a site.


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