Urban Community Access Program

HRM Meeting
November 4, 1999

         Present: Leo Deveau, Nanci Dort, Joanne Fraser, Bernie Hart, Kelly Marney, Deborah Story.

         Bernie covered the following:

  • Reviewed program objectives
  • Explained current sites (9) and proposed site locations (18) in HRM Service delivery
  • Federal government - 4-5 pilots through access sites HRDC pilot in Strait area
  • Provincial government - business service delivery - next - drivers license and car registration
  • HRM - could you think of a pilot to do?

         The following were discussed as ideas for HRM-Customer service - public doesn't know what level of government provides which services - could we offer a way to show public - where do I find it? HRM gets many wrong phone calls/inquiries.

         Need to have links from HRM site to CAP sites.

         Recreation services register online- could be a pilot to take pressure off telephone registrations. Some discussion about whether Chebucto could have a search engine that crosses servers just in HRM.

         Service centres - HRM has 6 - could they have CAP sites there? - - Is possible - HRM was encouraged to think about it.

         Discussion about HRM getting some NetCorps interns from Canada World Youth IT exchange project.

         Question was asked about what tracking what has been done at CAP sites re. what information is being accessed/how are they used? Leo is working on a project now in this regard on the Rural CAP sites and the HRDC are also doing an assessment with some selected sites.

Focus Group ideas to date:

  • Cluster concept
  • Role of and suggestions for people to assist on steering committee
  • Lighthouse concept
  • NSCAD and School of Library Information Studies students involvement in website design and information resource management model.

Next Steps:

  • Bernie to send CAP sites to Kelly
  • Leo to advise when Urban CAP Focus Group website is up and running
  • Letter from TSS to Ken Meech about action to date with HRM
  • Leo to advise when Sackville focus group will meet
  • Leo to provide information regarding NetCorps interns
  • HRM to feed information to CCN re: what communites want for information
  • Bernie to give information to Kelly re what statement to put on HRM site re CAP


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