Urban Community Access Program

Community Access Meeting
Sambro/Ketch Harbour, Harrietsfield/Williamswood
Captain William Spry Community Centre
February 10, 2000

    In attendance:

  • Alana Paon
    Greater Chebucto Community Development Association
  • Cathy Babineau
    Chair, Harrietsfield Community Centre
  • Kate Bragg
    Ketch Harbour
  • Bernie Hart
    Technology and Science Secretariat
  • Leo Deveau
    Executive Director, Chebucto Community Net (CCN)
  • David Murdoch
    Regional CAP Coordinator, CCN
  • Joanne Fraser
    Consultant, CCN

    Invited but unable to attend:

  • Steve Farmer
  • Brian Dempsey
    Herring Cove
  • Tom Daly

    Meeting Summary:

  1. CAP Program

             Bernie gave an overhead presentation on the CAP program.

  2. Geographic area of the communities

             The areas generally follow the school district lines. Harritsfield/Willimaswood goes from the Irving 4-way stop to Sambro. Ketch Harbour is from Duncan's Cove to the Williamswood bridge. Sambro and Ketch Harbour are 2 distinct communities.

  3. Possible locations/groups

    1. Harrietsfield/Williamswood

               The Community Centre is located beside the elementary school in Harrietsfield. It is an HRM owned building (previously the fire hall) that is run and managed by a volunteer board. Originally there were 15 board members but currently there are 8. There will be a community meeting in March to select a new board.

               This centre would be the logical location for the Harrietsfield/Williamswood area. There is plenty of space. There is no computer at the centre now. The community has lots of seniors and shut-ins. It is estimated there are few computers in the community and those households that have one do not necessarily have internet access.

    2. Sambro

      Fire hall?
      Dock and Dory?
      Sambro fisheries?

    3. Ketch Harbour

               Ketch Harbour Market - it is a store and the owner, Donna Fleming might be interested.

               In Ketch Harbour there is the School Advisory Council and the Ketch Harbour Recreation Association.

               The Greater Chebucto Community Development Association (GCCDA) has 10 volunteer directors and covers the area from Bear Cove to the Williamswood bridge. So, technically does not include the Williamswood/ Harrietsfield area. However, Alana indicated she would be willing to work with them on this project. The discussion centered on the fact that GCCDA could be a catalyst for bringing this program forward and giving appropriate support. It was cautioned that CAP requires that the community be committed to doing the work and managing the sites. Separate committees should be established that have sole responsibility for putting an application together and managing the access sites/arrangements

  4. Schools

             Elementary school for Ketch Harbour and Sambro is in Sambro. All children from these communities and Harrietsfield/Williamswood go to Herring Cove - jr. high and JL Isley - high school.

  5. Urban vs Rural

             From the discussions it seems that the communities see themselves as distinct coastal communities that would be interested in working together to find common needs, share information and resources. They do not see themselves as part of the urban "Sryfield neighbourhood cluster". People from these communities do access the Captain William Spry Library and Centre and it certainly could be a resource (eg: training possibilities).

             One idea discussed was to explore the possibility of having library orders and deliveries to CAP sites.

  6. Next Steps

    1. Ketch Harbour - need to hold a meeting that would include more people from the community. The School Advisory Council needs to be included. Donna Fleming from the Ketch Harbour Market should be approached.

    2. Alana indicated a presentation on CAP could be included in the community consultation meeting next month.

    3. In the meantime, Alan would like to hold a "kitchen discussion" with several handpicked people. Alana to coordinate. Cathy Babineau would like to attend and bring someone from her community. The possibility of having someone from Terence Bay to talk about their experiences was suggested.

    4. Cathy Babineau will take information from this meeting back to her board and also talk with the school principal.


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