Urban Community Access Program

Spryfield Cluster Meeting
Captain William Spry Community Centre
January 11, 2000

    In attendance:

  • Stephen Adams
    HRM Councillor
    497-8818 (tel)    479-4252 (fax)   adams.sd@pg.com
  • Denis Burgess
    477-4100    477-4810   rchisholm@nuvnet.net
  • Troy Myers
    HRM Library
    490-5844    cctml@nsh.library.ns.ca
  • Terry Bobbitt
    Spryfield Legion
    477-0467    479-3188
  • Paula Lawlor
    Golden Age Club
  • Lynda Deviller
    Seniors Centre
  • Ambros Prechtl
    Seniors Centre
    477-8221    477-8221   waterbuf@chebucto.ns.ca
  • Linda Roberts
    Captain William Spry Community Centre
    479-4487    479-1177
  • Alana Paon
    Gr. Chebucto Community Dev.
    869-1380    ay701@chebucto.ns.ca
  • Bernie Hart - Technology and Science Secretariat
  • David Murdoch - Regional CAP Coordinator, CCN
  • Joanne Fraser - Consultant, CCN
  • Reg Horner
    Chebucto News (attended briefly)

    Invited but unable to attend:

  • Valerie MacLeod
    464-2280    497-6031(cell)   vmacleod@HRSB.ns.ca
  • Marjorie Willison
    477-6102    479-1177   an679@chebucto.ns.ca
  • Laura Jantek
    490-5823    490-5747
  • Leo Deveau
  • Wayne Jay
    Chocolate Lake Centre
    490-4607    490-4504
  • Sr. Joan O'Keefe
    Single Parent Centre
  • Jennifer Keeping
    St Paul's Family Resources Institute
  • Reg Horner
    Chebucto News
    490-5842 (tel&fax)


  1. Introductions were made.

  2. Background to Urban CAP

             Bernie Hart gave an overhead presentation on why, what it is, who is targeted, what is a site, etc.

             Currently there are 20 HRM sites outside the urban core with plans for approximately 30 in the urban area for a total of 50+ in HRM. Key components along with access are training, service delivery and distance education. Services Canada, a new government agency, is looking at service delivery with 8 pilots planned for Cape Breton.

  3. Neighbourhood Cluster Concept

             Bernie continued his presentation. The example of Central Dartmouth was explained. Each neighbourhood would have 2 fixed sites - the school and library - and then others dependent on community needs/interests A handout was given.

  4. Group Discussion Spryfield Area Community

             Discussion focussed on what is needed - who needs access, where is the access needed (possible sites) and what question/concerns do people have.


    • Greystone Public Housing - 250 Houses
    • Single Parent Centre - likely no space
    • Seniors
    • Cowie Hill - would be part of an Armdale grouping

      Possible Sites

    • Greystone Public Housing - 2 units are used for programs by Tenant's Association and there is likely room
    • South Centre Mall - Alan MacDonald, manager 479-0272
    • Riverview apartment area - Daycare Centre
    • Is there anything in the area - Walker's Funeral Home to the Mall?


    • Fred O'Hern, President District 18 Business Development Association 477-6500


    • Would cover Walker's Funeral Home to the ocean
    • Area between the funeral home and the rotary would be aligned with area on other side of rotary
    • Sambro/Ketch Harbour
    • Harrietsfield - Pam Martel , Community Centre
    • Willamswwood - Rene Gallant - 475-1037
    • Herring Cove - Brian Dempsey - 477-7825
    • Ferguson's Cove and Purcell's Cove? - Seniors Centre - Fred Holtz

  5. Next Steps

             Follow- up needs to be done with:

    • Ambrose
    • Mall Manager
    • Rural communities
    • Greystone Housing

             A second meeting will be called. It can be held in the Wm Spry Centre again.


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