Urban Community Access Program

Spryfield Seniors Meeting
Seniors Drop-In Centre
South Centre Mall
February 7, 2000

    In attendance:

  • Ambrose Prechtl - President, Spryfield Seniors
  • John Ryan - Canadian Pensioners Concerned
  • Lynda DeViller, Secretary, Spryfield Seniors
  • Gail and Faye - volunteers at Spryfield Seniors Centre
  • Bernie Hart - Technology and Science Secretariat
  • David Murdoch - Regional CAP Coordinator, CCN
  • Joanne Fraser - Consultant, CCN

  1. Spryfield Seniors Centre

             It is open Monday to Saturday usually from 9 am - 9 pm . All the staff are volunteers and they use a sign-up duty roster. The space is provided rent free by mall management on a month by month agreement. If they are asked to move from their present location the mall has an alternative space they will give them. The alternative space would not be as visible or accessible. Security is provided by the mall and is good. The other mall patrons are happy with the presence of the drop-in centre as there has been spin-off business particularly for the food court.

  2. Spryfield Seniors Organization

             It is a registered non-profit organization. They have been in operation for 2 years; approximately 1.5 years in current location. There is a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. You must be 50 years old to become a member and current membership is 230 although anyone is encouraged to participate. The Directors meet approximately every 4-6 weeks and there is an AGM.

  3. Activities at the Centre

             Monday afternoon is a clinic with a nurse. Tuesday is a naturopath session. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon are card games and tournaments - With tournaments half the money goes to prizes and half to the centre Saturday is a Jamboree with a live band. Twice a week there is a "mall walk" for exercise. The centre has 2 computers - a 286 used for word processing and a 386 that has internet access. Currently there are about 10 individuals that have interest in and use existing computers.

  4. Discussion about establishing an access site at the centre.

             Training would be for members first and then others. Training could take place at the schools JL Isley or BC Silver (closer to the mall and seniors base) and the library. These locations would better be able to accommodate group learning. Previous experience has shown that is best for an organization to form a separate committee that would have responsibility for the developing the application and managing the access site. Deadlines for applications are February 15 and then May 15. There may be another application date added between those two deadlines.

  5. Training

             John Ryan distributed information on a training video for seniors developed by Microsoft. It costs US$ 19.95. He has ordered a copy and will convey information to the libraries so that they may think about obtaining copies.

Next Steps

  • Ambrose will attend a Dartmouth Seniors Computer Training Session to see what is done. John Ryan to provide him with a copy of the computer training prospectus.
  • The executives of all seniors centres in HRM meet once per month. Ambrose to raise putting CAP on their agenda so they may discuss common needs and ideas.
  • At the Spryfield Seniors Directors' meeting next week Ambrose will establish a separate CAP committee (recommendation: 5 committee members) to work on establishing an access site. Ambrose will investigate the logistics of including this committee in their by-laws.
  • John Ryan suggested he could help this committee on application details.
  • David Murdoch offered to meet the committee once established to give examples of previous successful applications and what is needed.


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