Urban Community Access Program

What is CAP?

         The Community Access Program is designed to help communities set up public internet access sites, and train people to use the internet to benefit both themselves and their communities.

         In Nova Scotia, 143 access sites have been established in rural communities. You can find them in community centres, schools, libraries and other public buildings. Each site offers access to the internet and has from four to ten computers and related equipment. Within the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) there are CAP sites in Beaverbank, Eastern Passage, Middle Musquodoboit, North Preston, Sheet Harbour, Tangier and Terence Bay. Communities in the outlying areas of HRM that have not already established a site are eligible to apply for CAP funding up until March 2001.

         A very active access site at the Halifax North Memorial Public Library was one of a number of pilots in Canada for an UrbanCAP program; a Community Access Program for Metro HRM. In February 1999, the Province of Nova Scotia and Industry Canada signed an agreement which will continue to fund sites in the outlying areas of HRM. It will also provide funding for up to thirty new sites within the metro core. The role these metro sites will play, and the shape they will take will be defined by people in HRM through a series of focus groups. As sites are established the groups responsible will be encouraged to work together to form a regional network to benefit all citizens in HRM.

         The Chebucto Community Net is leading the initial planning process. Following the focus group sessions a new Steering Committee will be established with responsibility for developing a detailed plan and for coordination of the program. Guidelines on how to apply for funding should be available by January, 2000.

         Objectives of the Community Access Program

  • Increase the skills and the knowledge base of participating individuals.
  • Provide Canadians with opportunities for personal growth and jobs through the use of information technology.
  • Assist individuals and organizations to create and manage their own community content on the information highway.
  • Help individuals gain access to existing internet services and develop skills to enable them to evaluate internet service options and to choose tools that serve their evolving needs. Foster the distribution of government services more effectively through electronic delivery

         For Information contact the Technology & Science Secretariat
Bernard Hart    Phone: (902) 424-7377    Fax: (902) 424-0129
Email: hartbe@gov.ns.ca


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