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Annabelle's Caps

Harlequin Hat by Lucy Neatby Almost Aran by Corrie Watt Calyx Cap by Debbie New

This non-profit, fund-raising book of original, not available elsewhere, cap and hat knitting patterns is a tribute from friends to Toronto knitting designer and teacher, Annabelle Dawson. Many well-known designers are featured! All proceeds will be donated to cancer charities. This book offers (approx 25) cheering head-wear designs for knitters of a wide range of tastes, seeking to knit hats or caps for whatever purpose. Pictured above are Lucy's Harlequin Hat, Corrie Watt's Almost Aran, and Debbie New's Calyx.

So for those that have the wonderful gift of knitting in their fingers: please knit some more, enrich a life today. Make a hat for someone in need of a little warmth and support in their life. There are intriguing designs from very easy to extremely challenging - something for every knitter!

To obtain copies of "Annabelle's Caps", send $34 Cdn ($34 US) per book (this includes shipping),
c/o Tradewinds Knitwear Designs Inc. 45 Dorothea Dr. Dartmouth, NS, B2W 5X4.

Please make cheques or money orders (Cdn or US) payable to "Annabelle's Caps".

Copies of "Annabelle's Caps" may be ordered free of any extra shipping cost with any Tradewind Knitwear order (you pay only the regular shipping costs for your order), however it would be appreciated if separate payment for this book is made by cheque or money orders only (Cdn or US), payable to "Annabelle's Caps".

By the end of 2006, over $30,000 had been donated to cancer charities and various hospices in Canada, the USA and the UK as a result of this project.
In addition, many guilds have made hats, which they have donated or sold locally to support their local cancer centers.

Thank you for your support!

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