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Curly Circular Needles

If all life's problems were so easy! Dip your needles' flexible section into boiling water before use, and hey presto! If it is already in the works, try steaming the needle gently over a kettle.

A circular needle is a great investment, as it can be used in the round or as a pair of straights. It is impossible to lose one overboard when knitting on deck. For seafarers, and other travellers alike, they are kinder to your seatmates, and you can't set sail with only one of a pair.

Storage can be a little tricky. I file mine in their packets according to size and length in a shoebox, but if I had swallowed the anchor and were permanently shore based, I would hang them loose on a series of pegs according to their size - the length would be self-evident, as would any deficiencies in the stock of needles.

I must confess to having a terrible weakness for Addi Turbo needles, so smooth and pliable and etched permanently with their sizes, very handy. Thus far, these are my favourite circulars!

Don't forget, when casting on circularly, to check for any twist in the cast-on before you go across the beginning /end point for the second time. If there is a twist, move it around the needle until the twist falls into the piece of yarn bridging the gap. This is the best time to check for twists because they can magically insert themselves whilst you work the first round.

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