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Siamese Sleeves - Thoughts for Steek Connoiseurs

Steeks Between Sleeves? - Siamese Sleeves
If you enjoy steeks, consider this idea: cast on for both sleeves at once with steeks separating the sleeves. Sleeves may be knit from either direction. This method offers several advantages for experienced knitters:

Only one colour selection is required for each round of the sleeves. If you are running short of any colour (or working with long sequence color change yarns), it ensures both sleeves will match without any need to cross-reference or reserve yarns 'just-in-case'.

This method will involve cutting and sewing a seam line, but it will automatically neaten many ends for you. If beginning at the lower edge of the sleeve, cast on provisionally using waste yarn and work the first round from above the cuff in stocking st before beginning the pattern (if any). On completion of the knitting, sewing, cutting and seaming, knit up sts from the provisional sts and work the cuffs independently in the round, thus eliminating the steek inside the cuff. If you are working top down, stop at the cuff, then place sts on holders, complete the sleeve and then apply the cuff.

A Cautionary Note - if the shaping or length of the sleeve is wrong, it will be wrong on both sleeves and it will be somewhat challenging to reuse the yarn once cut.

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