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Select features of the Stormceptor

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Treatment of stormwater runoff

The Stormceptor could be used as a stand alone device or as part of a treatment train. At present, there are several Stormceptors in use in Nova Scotia, Canada. Because of its simplicity and relatively lower cost, it is slowly gaining acceptance by the development industry.

The Stormceptor is divided into a lower storage/separation chamber and an upper by-pass chamber. Normal flows are diverted into the lower treatment chamber where oil and other liquids with a specific gravity less than water rise and become trapped and suspended solids settle to the bottom of the chamber by gravity and centrifugal forces. During high flow conditions, the by-pass chamber conveys water to the downstream sewer directly circumventing the lower chamber and preventing the resuspension and scour of settled pollutants.

Note: As more info is available, we will be adding relevant details here though it is preferable that you directly contact the Stormceptor Canada.

At present we feel, a combination of a Stormceptor (to serve a catchment area upto approx. 5 ha) and a specially constructed urban wetland would remove a significant amount of typical post-development urban pollutants. With flow splitters, a combination of several Stormceptors along with a constructed (i.e., engineered) wetland will probably be of considerable benefit in protecting our urban lakes. A Stormceptor would then act as a pre-treatment device and the constructed wetland would act as a polishing device. This way, the drawbacks (e.g., aesthetic, safety) of a urban wet or dry pond could be eliminated.

[Img-red star] A typical stormwater management system--- Figure 1

Recommendation on applications/constraints of the Stormceptor from Todd Neff PEng, Director of Engineering, Stormceptor Canada Inc., Toronto, ON:

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