Presidentís Report, Moncton Chapter

May 3, 2010


Moncton Chapter issteady at around 100 to 110 members. One small problem:only two of eight employees retiring in 2009 elected to join our Association, despite personal phone calls Imade to them all,encouraging them to do so.All but one are in their fifties.Itís generational. I suspect they just donít associate being pensionerswith notions of their own youthfulness, and possibilities.Hence, their reluctance.They do get together on their own for beer, pretzels and b.s.


Nevertheless, the Moncton group carried merrily on with its usual 4 or 5 annual meetings and lobster and Christmas parties. Various special guests gave presentations on, for example, the Moncton University of the Third Age, and most recently, on the World Youth Athletics Federation Competitions coming up this mid-July at the U. of Monctonís stadium -- and possibilities for volunteer work thereat.††


Some members have queriedabout health care, others aboutthe state of the pension surplus.Some have asked for help to deal with personalhealth problems, or how to get reimbursements. Many look to the Executive Committeein connecting with CBC and pensioners services.We have only recently begun using the Maritimes website.Our CBC (English)members especially have shown interest in it;but some have said they werenít able to connect.Growing pains, I suppose.Webmaster, Dave McClafferty has been very helpfuland reliable throughout.


This could go on. But in a nutshell, no one is complaining.Relations with Radio Canada Acadie are fine; we got identity cards; weíre invited to yearly employee and pensioner evenings.I hope there will be a pensioners & employees golf meet in the autumn.


This year, Moncton Chapter celebrates its tenth anniversary, as of May 15th.On May 17th, elections are to be held for the entire Executive Committee.I must say that most of the membership at large seems reluctant to offer, unfortunately.


What the hell! Weíll make a toast to the pasture and the future, at our Christmas supper.


Maurice Olsen

President, Moncton Chapter.