Cam says, "This is filming an intro for a Gazette interview on the South shore with Lloyd MacInnis. It's Summer of '59 or '60. Know 'em all, including Bob Murphy who ended up in Ottawa."

Cam says this picture is from the set of THE CONTINENTALS which featured mostly Dutch musicians from the Royal Canadian Artillery Band, which was then stationed in Halifax. "I think the leader of 'The Continentals' was Jimmy Nass, who played the accordion. If memory serves, this was a 15 minute summer replacement effort produced for a couple of years by different persons. Bill Langstroth, Denny Spence and myself come to mind. In this picture, Bill Langstroth is the Host/Waiter; Denny is a member of the audience and I'm the producer/director. I can put names to 13 of the 33 faces. Perhaps your gang can identify the group."

"This a picture of Lloyd MacInnis and myself (Cam)(and our taxi drivers) setting out for Bon Portage Island to do an interview with Evelyn Richardson for Gazette. Summer of 1959 or 1960."


"This is a picture of a nervously smiling Cam and an Ottawa film crew filming a couple of thousand miles under the sea in an iron ore mine on Bell Island, Newfoundland. . . and I'm a severe claustrophobic! Just a week before, we were basking in the Jamaica sunshine, interviewing Ian Fleming at his 'Goldeneye' estate. They were good days."