Activity Report - CBC Cape Breton Local, CBCPA (Maritimes) We invited retirees to a meeting to form a local of the CBCPA on May 29. John MacKay and Jack Ingram came from Halifax to answer questions. We had a small turn-out of people who expressed a strong interest in the local. Several others who didn't attend called Bill Doyle to say they were interested in the local and to inquire what transpired. We held a social on December 8 where attendees were informed of what the CBCPA had to offer them. We are investigating the possibility of holding 2 events a year and are contacting all members with suggestions. We are putting forth a September barbeque or a lunch and a cruise of Sydney Harbour. Also, we're in discussion with the EAP administrator for CBC Cape Breton for an Information session, which will give pensioners information about a CBC benefit and to allow them to re-establish contact with former co-workers and to see how the place has changed. Bill Doyle, President, CBC Local, CBCPA (Maritimes)

Created on March 06, 2014