Photos of the National Executive taken by John McKay at the meeting in Toronto in early May.

Don Waterston, National President

Bill Laing, Vice President, English

Lionel Moore, Winnipeg, Cam Cathcart, Vancouver, and Bill Laing, Edmonton.

Pierre Racicot, our Rep on the Pension Board, and Gilles Thibault, Vice President, French

Jack Brownell, Maritimes, and Walter Wicks, Ontario.

Jean-Guiy Fournier, Quebec, and John O'Mara, Nfld & Lab

Jean Paul and  Jean-Guy Fournier,  Quebec Representatives.

Jean-Guy Fournier, Dianne St-Germain, Admin. Coord., and Don Lambton, Treasurer

Andrew Simon, RCI, and  Paul Gaffney, Nat. Capital Region

John Dixon, Ontario, (seated)

Don Waterston and Bill Laing arriving for the AGM

Annual General Meeting Getting Underway.

Jackie, Jack and Claire Brownell

Don Waterston and Howard Simpson, our Executive Director