Here are some pictures from our meeting of February 4th. Photos by John McKay.
(That's why you never see him.)

Colin Cooper and Bill MacKenzie

Jack Ingram and Ivan Munn

Tom Pottie and Frank Stalley

Ivan Munn with the minutes of the last meeting.

Don Tremaine reading his letter to Geoff Regan

Colin Cooper

Harry Woad, Rufus Abbott, Bob Zinck, Ivan Munn, and Doug Beattie

Pat Short, Colleen Wambolt, Rosalie Stoneman, and Sally Burns

Jim Snow, Bob Marks, and Bas Miller

Lorne Finley and Keith DeLong behind him.

Peter MacNeil, Dave Hayes and Don Tremaine.

Paul Cormier, Peter MacNeil, Susan Altman, Fred Martin and Dave Hayes

Dawn and Bert Skinner

Frank Stalley, Ron Hill and Keith DeLong

Pat Short, Sally Burns and Colin Cooper.

Quaker's meeting has begun.