Pictures taken at our meeting in May, 2005 by John McKay.


Fred Hunt and Ivan Munn

Loretta d'Entremont, Moncton, and Bill MacKenzie

Dean Bell and Alf Walker

Don Fraser, Milt Isnor and Bert Skinner

Milt Isnor and Joe Ratto

Jim Snow and Bert Skinner

Curt MacSwain and Dave Dixon

Dave Dixon, Curt McSwain and Doug Walker

Nil d'Entremont and George Mount

Nil d'Entremont, Moncton.

Curt McSwain

Dave Dixon

Doug Driscoll

Bob Williams

Milt Isnor and Ron Hill

Lined up for Lunch

Byron MacMillan and Jack Ingram

Loretta and Nil d'Entremont

Colleen Blom and Louise Fredericks

Dave McClafferty, Fred Martin, and Don Tremaine

Jack Goodhew

Fred Martin

Keith DeLong, George and Mrs. Mount

Hanging on every word.

Tom Pottie, Jack Ingram and Ivan Munn reading the minutes.

This is getting boring!

There's no end to it!!