Here are the pictures taken by John McKay at our meeting in mid-October and our regular meeting in November.

Jack Ingram, Acting President

Ivan Munn, and Don Waterston, National President.

Lorna Copp and Don Smith

Francis Porelle and Mrs Porelle, Moncton.

Milt Isnor and Dean Bell

Don Waterston, addressing the meeting

Jack Ingram, Don Waterston, and Ivan Munn

Claire Brownell, Walter and Marguerite Wicks

Alf Walker, Sackville and Bert Skinner

Tim Allen

Rufus Abbott and Wayne Purcell

Bob Williams and George Elrich

Rufus Abbott, Bob Zinck, Yvon Aucoin, Ivan Munn and Ron Hill

Keith DeLong, Bob Marks, and Harry Woade

Don Fraser and Bob Williams

Fred Martin and Don Tremaine

Al Greer and Bill Harper

Jack Ingram and Ivan Munn

Pat Short and Colleen Wamboldt

Yvon Aucoin and Pat Short

Tom Pottie, Jack Ingram and Ivan Munn