Photos from the National Meeting in Ottawa, taken by John McKay, in May 2006.


Liz Curran of Mercer & Richard Leblanc

John Dixon & Howard Simpson.

John Murphy & John O'Mara

Carol Belanger & George Smith

Our lawyer, Arleen Huggins, seated next to Don Waterston

Steve Cotsman, Manager of the Pension Fund

People at the Annual General Meeting.

John Murphy & John O'Mara

The Executive at the Annual General Meeting.

Lionel Moore

Another shot of the AGM.

Walter & Marg Wicks, Al Clark, president of the Windsor Chapter, with wife, Alberta.

Another view of the AGM

Maurice Olsen from Moncton

Don Lambton, our National Treasurer

Dianne St-Germain from our National Office

Peter Robinson & Paul Gaffney, Ottawa

Looking over the doorprize contributed by the Maritime Region, a print of downtown Halifax. Irene Robinson of Ontario is holding the print, while the winner, Peggy Oldfield of Maple Ridge, B.C. looks on.

Presentation to Don Waterston & Mrs Waterston

The Gallery

Marcelle Miller of our National Office

Paul Gaffney

Don and Mrs Waterston

A workshop underway

Another view of the workshop

And again.





Saying Goodbye as they prepare to leave for home.



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