Following a meeting of the Board of Directors of the CBC Pensioners Association in Halifax, Directors and spouses gathered at the home of Jack Brownell on the afternoon of Oct. 18, 2004. Directors of the Local Branch of the Association joined them for drinks, dinner and informal discussions. Don Waterston, our National President, snapped pictures of some of the activities.

1. A tarp was erected over the patio deck as rain clouds threatened.

2. Pierre Racicot, Howard Simpson, and Paul Gaffney.

3. Chris Cathcart and Don Lambton.

4. Jackie and Jack Brownell and Sheila Munn

5. John Dixon and Ivan Munn

6. Gilles Thibault, vice president; Henri Gervais & Maurice Gill

7. Jack Brownell, Marcelle Miller, Alf Walker, Ivan Munn

8. John O'Mara and Maurice Gill

9. Sylvia Kuziw, Walter Wicks and

10. John Dixon, Catherine Larder, Dianne St.Germain, and Cam Cathcart

11. Dianne and Cam

12. Pat Short, Mary Pottie, Marguerite Wicks, Sylvia Kuziw, Walter Wicks and ?

13. Don Lambton, and Lionel Moore

14. Bill Laing, Chris Cathcart and Don Lambton

15. Mrs. O'Mara, Dianne, and Tom Pottie greeting John O'Mara.

16. Marcelle Miller, ? , Sylvia Kuziw, ?

17. Henri Gervais, John Dixon, Don Waterston and Maurice Gill

18. Kyle Metham, Lynn (Brownell) Metham, Ivan Munn, and Jack Brownell

19. Alf and Mrs. Walker, Walter and Marguerite Wicks, and Howard Simpson.

20. Chris Cathcart, Pat Short, Mary and Tom Pottie and Pierre Racicot

21. Cleaning up in the kitchen in more ways than one.

22. People crowd into the livingroom for the presentations

23. Sylvia Kuziw, ? and Catherine Larder

24. Jack and Claire Brownell

25. Tom Pottie saying a few words on behalf of the Maritime Region.

26.Mrs O'Mara, Walter Wicks, Jack and Claire Brownell and John Dixon.

27.Bill Laing and Chris Cathcart

28.Jack, Claire and John Dixon

29. After a blustery afternoon, the setting Sun broke through marking the end of an enjoyable gathering.