Pictures taken at our meeting in November, 2005 by John McKay.


Doug Beattie

Lorne Finley

Dave McClafferty

John Norkett

Souli Vongkeo

Yvon Aucoin and Bert Skinner

Mae Smith and Rosalie Stoneman

Byron MacMillan and Claire Brownell

Wayne Purcell and Floyd Eisan

Byron MacMillan

In deep discussion.

Vel Ibsen

Fred Martin

Souli Vongkeo and Bruce Sandeson

Harry Woad, Joe Ratto and Dave McClafferty.

Byron MacMillan, Claire Brownell and Doug Beattie

Bob Fowler, Milt Isnor, George and Mrs. Mont, and David Carr

Bill MacKenzie, Tim Allen, Jack Brannen and Fred Martin

Doug Beattie, Bill Harper and Byron MacMillan

Lyman Densmore, Floyd Eisan, and Bob Williams

Doug Sheehan and Mrs. Sheehan and Lyman Densmore

Pat Short and Colleen Wamboldt

Don Tremaine

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