Pictures taken at our meeting in October, 2005 by John McKay.


Don Tremaine, Yvon Aucoin, and Bert Skinner at the Directors Meeting.

Paul Barr and Ivan Munn

Jack Ingram and Ivan Munn

Waiting for the meeting to start.

Paul Cormier, Al Greer and Milt Isnor

Don Tremaine

Jack Ingram

Byron MacMillan in conversation with George Elrich

Harry Woad, Dave McClafferty, Keith DeLong and Bob Williams

Pat Short, Colleen Wamboldt, and Yvon Aucoin

Bert Skinner

Al Greer

The Knights of the Round Table.

Ron Hill

Some serious discussion after lunch!

Byron MacMillan, Dave McClafferty, Harry Woad, Keith DeLong, Bob Williams and George Elrich

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