NABET executive - Annual General April 1968
Left to right: George Mount local 61 Secretary, Lorne Finley local 61 Treasurer, Jean Benoit National President, Bernie Bruce local 61 President. Local 61 later became local 91.

Dave Hayes

l to r...Gus Kearney,George Hames and Bud Neate...taken in the Film Department in the College St. School basement....probably in 1955.

Max Ferguson, Queen of the Sea, and Rube Hornstein
...taken at CBC booth at Fisheries Exhibition in Lunenburg.......1955. Two large smiles but "The Queen" is a bit hesitant, probably wondering what they were doing to the back of her dress.

On April 13, 1960, we did a live show, to the Network, from the depths of the Salt Mine in Pugwash. We called it "Nature's Saltcellar"......As usual, there was a card game at the motel...but not a drink in sight. One has to wonder if Bert adjourned this session too.
Standing Danny Danielson{Maybe} 2nd row:Clary Phillips,Bill Knox,Bert Skinner,Doug Driscoll,Bob Jenkins, 1st row:Bob Blom,Curt McSwain,Jack McAndrew{Maybe},John Huskins.

Members of the CBC Halifax Anateur Radio Club preparing to to load the EMO vehicle for field day 196?.
Left to right: Marty Raine, Jim Payne, Fred Hunt, Charlie Adams, Tom Wilcox, Murray Helpard

Film and Stores Dept. staff - College St. - 1955-56

Walter Wicks, Betty Howe, Bill Mackenzie, ? , Bob Williams, Shirley Mailman, Hermen Noelle, George Hames, Edie Anderson, Bob Murphy, Bud Neate, Gus Kearney, Jean Strickland, ? , Henry Hill, Bernie Spicer

ETV Crew, Studio 3, Young St. 1970?

Back Row Left to Right

Reg Peters,John Mckinnon,Blake Connors,Fran Dibble,Dave Ilsley,Melanie Winn,Sandra Marshall,Bill Grice,Doug Walker,Al MacNeil,Gerry Clark,Jack Brownell

2nd Row Left to Right

Peter Pelham,Dave Hamlin,Robbie Vandekieft,Sandy Lumsden,Dave Fennel,Beresford Jenkins.

1st Row Left to Right

Real D'entremont, - ? - ,Niki Liptmen.

Halifax County Vocational High School, Bell Rd., Radio Television Class 1959

Back Row Left to Right: Bernard Johnson,David Hamlin.
3rd Row: David Hayes,Grant Pattison,Ken Duggan,Gerard Gagnon,Orest Chaban,Ronald Burbidge.
2nd Row: Leonard Grant,Frank Myers,Don Colp,Mike Goldstein,Wilfred Boudreau.
1st Row: Murray Hutchinson,Robert Schultz. The names in bold all came to work at CBC.

Switchback Studio 1 CBC Bell Rd.Halifax Nov 27 1988
John Martin,Dave Hamlin,Charlie Latter,Grant Pattison

Back Row: Left to Right-
Pat Napier,Audrey Sampson,Jim Longmire,Bill Grant,Bill Donovan,Don Colp,Orest Chaban,Bob Zinck,Dave Young.
Front Row: Gerry Hanlon,Keith Delong,Doug Sheehan,Don McLeod,Bill Chaisson,Dave Hamlin.

Charlie Latter, Tinker Pullen, Dave Hamlin