CBC Pensioners Association, Maritime Region Newsletter

 Volume 3, Issue 9               Spring 2006


By John McKay

As we start our summer break, its time to look back over the events of the past few months. Our Christmas dinner last December was one of the best attended gatherings we’ve had to date. Many old friends attended and there was a lot of reminiscing. Louise Fredricks and her assistants did a wonderful job of organizing the dinner and they deserve a large “thank you” for all the work.
Generally our monthly meetings are well attended. At times we have 50 to 60 plus which is gratifying to your board. It means that the messages are getting out. So please pass the word to those who don’t attend.
Board member Bill Mackenzie has been working on the Employee Assistance Program and now represents us on that organization. He will be able to keep us informed of developments on the EAP front.
We were finally able to discard our old by-laws and with the help of David Carr put together a new set to dovetail with the national by-laws. They were approved at our May meeting.
In April the board was shocked by Jack Ingram’s decision to resign as president. He explained that he felt out of touch with a number of national issues after being out of the CBC for more than 30 years.
However, he will not get away completely since he is now the past president and so still a member of the board. He will be on call to supply his depth of knowledge on things such as health care and pension regulations.
As vice president, I have assumed the position of president.
In May the national executive meetings coupled with the annual general meeting and Triennial Convention took place. I attended as your representative along with Maurice Olsen of Moncton and Walter Wicks now of Charlottetown.The Ottawa meetings were very busy.
The supplementary health care plan for Maritime pensioners, as you know, is administered by Great West Life. After operating under GWL for 16 months, there still seems to be a small surplus. The full picture will not be available until the October meeting but as things stood in May there probably will be no major fee increase.
I have asked Richard Leblanc to review the issue of cards for the members over 65, with the view of issuing some other form of plan identification other than a piece of paper! At this date Richard has indicated he is following up.
By now everyone has received their copy of the highlights of the CBC Pension Plan. In summary the Plan is in a positive position with an ongoing surplus of $345 million. But, as the law requires, there is another test too. The triennial evaluation took place at the end of the year, and there was a “solvency deficit “ of $87 million, meaning there would be a short fall if the plan were to be wound up at that point.
The solvency deficit is disappearing and if the market continues to strengthen it will probably be erased by the end of this year.
Arlene Huggins of the firm Koskie Minsky presented a review of our legal case. The opt out form was discussed at length. If you have questions it would be best to call the offices of Koskie Minsky using the toll free number on the form you received.
At the AGM/convention there was a lot of discussion on the future of the National Association and the direction it should take. Maurice, Walter and I made our feeling known.
There is a new National Executive in place. Don Waterston has served his term and Pierre Racicot was elected as the new president. Helene Roberge from Quebec is the francophone vice president and John O’Mara of Newfoundland is the Anglo vice president. Don Lambton of BC remains as Treasurer.
A chapter has been organized in Charlottetown and it’s my hope to see Cape Breton follow. Both locations appear to have the required 25 members. PEI has 29 members while Cape Breton has 24 with about 4 other retirees on the Island who have yet to join! So maybe ... just maybe..!
Hope you all have a pleasant summer and see you in September.


It’s taken a while, but CBC Pensioners in PEI now have their own organization up and running. It was an idea promoted by Jack Brownell, and was high on his to-do list when his health began to fail. Jack Ingram carried on and held a meeting in Charlottetown last summer, but the group did not have the necessary 25 members at that time. Others joined last fall and Walter Wicks moved to the Island around Christmas. Walter had been president of the Ontario Pensioners group, and when John McKay asked him to help get the chapter started, he moved quickly to organize the group.
A meeting was held at the Haviland Club in Charlottetown on May 27, 2006, with 23 members in attendance. Walter and Gerry Birt co-chaired the meeting.
The nominating committee brought in a slate of officers consisting of John Stewart, President, Bob MacWilliams, Vice President, and Mac Campbell, Secretary Treasurer. No nominations were put forward from the floor and so the above officers went in unopposed.
John Stewart says he expects the chapter will have about 30 members. He added that a number of questions were raised during the meeting, including the pension surplus and our supplemental medical coverage. John thanked Walter for his work in getting the chapter started, and said he and his executive will be looking to Halifax for advice and support as they begin operations.


The Maritime Region of the CBC Pensioner’s Association held its annual meeting on May 10, 2006.
The meeting was well attended with about 55 members present. Francis Porelle attended as a representative of the Moncton chapter along with Alf Walker, the field representative for the Sackville, N.B., area. Following the reading of the minutes, the annual financial report, was presented by the Treasurer, Tom Pottie.
A copy of the report is shown directly below this story, and indicates that we are in a healthy financial situation. Tom then presented his budget for the coming year and both the financial statement and the budget were approved unanimously.
The new by-laws, updated by David Carr, were then presented to the meeting and were approved unanimously.
The sudden resignation of Jack Ingram took us by surprise and we were not ready with a new slate of officers. John McKay has taken over as acting president, and Don Tremaine has agreed to act as vice-president until September when we hope to elect a new slate of officers.

Financial Statement

Tom PottieFinancially, our past year has been a busy one. Our Revenue increased, but so did our expenses. However, we managed to stay within our budget. .

A budget for the 2006/2007 year is in place and I foresee another active year ahead of us.

Tom Pottie, Treasurer. Audited by Tim Allen.

Financial Report 2005 - 2006

Bank Balance, March 31, 2005 $7,108
Members Dues Allocations $7,701
Total Revenue $14,809
Communications $1,863
Memorials and Donations $630
Hall Rental $1,000
Christmas Dinner $3,139
Travel $987
Miscellaneous $527
Total Expenses $8,146
Net Revenue $6,663


HAMILTON: Bryan John, 65, died in England on May 10, 2006, following a lengthy illness. He was born in Milton, Ont., the only son of Robert and the late Joyce Hamilton Smith. He joined the CBC in Halifax, and worked in the Film Department and laterwith the ENG Unit until his retirement in 1996. He is survived by his partner of 13 years, Linda Payne (Harvey) his sister, Reva; son, Gregory (Sharon) and granddaughters, Brett and Sidney Hamilton, Chester. Cremation has taken place and at Bryan's request no service will be held. A gathering of family and friends will be held on Saturday, July 22, from 2 to 4 pm at his home 6,442 Roslyn Road, Halifax.

HELPARD:Murray Finlay - Stewiacke, died Wednesday, May 31, 2006, in Colchester Regional Hospital, Truro. Born in Watt Section, on October 15, 1918, he was a son of the late William and Hattie Helpard. He grew up in Stewiacke and later moved to Halifax. He was a projectionist in several Halifax theatres before joining CBC TV from where he retired in 1980. After retiring, he moved back to Stewiacke where he was active in the local Baptist Church, and sang in the choir. He is survived by his wife, Gertie; son, Keith (Pat), of Timberlea; along with 3 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.


. Well, the current stir in Moncton is about our next Moncton Chapter Lobster supper. You’re invited one and all to the Beauséjour Curling Club, 65 Essex St, Moncton, on June 22nd at 6 p.m. It costs $10 each for Moncton Chapter members and partners and $20 per head for non-members. Two lobsters are served with salad and the trimmings – plus a fine time, with Léo Cormier as EMCEE. There will also be a cash bar. Reservations must be made in advance, by calling Claudette Drisdelle (506) 388-3430; e-mail: ; or Yvonne Cormier (506) 389-1051, by June 19th.
In other news, Simonne Leblanc-McCarthy was our elections officer and members voted in a new slate of Directors for Moncton, on June 6th during our Annual General Meeting. Results are : Maurice Olsen, President; Louis Elsliger, Vice-President; Ronald Cormier, Secretary; Francis Porelle, Treasurer, and Directors Claudette Drisdelle and Yvonne Cormier. 25 members attended.
Maurice Olsen, spoke to us of his experience as our delegate to the Ottawa National Convention held at the beginning of May. He gave an overview of GWL health (and the possible creation of an umbrella group plan for all CBC N.B. pensioner subscribers). He summarized our class-action suit against the CBC, which should climax in 2007.
For their part, participants encouraged the Executive to organize Association lunch meetings with perhaps a keynote speaker on subjects of current interest. Other social activities might also be in the works, to promote more get-togethers in an informal setting. The Executive will be on it as soon as next September.
We presently boast 116 members, with newcomers Donald Langis and André LeBlanc. At present we can connect with nearly half our membership by e-mail, and the rest by phone. Unfortunately, for many members we have inaccurate information. If you have not been regularly contacted by the Moncton Chapter Executive, you should get in touch with Secretary, Ronald Cormier, (383 8563), e-mail:
Have a fine summer!


is published Spring and Fall for CBC Pensioners in the Maritimes.

Editor: Ivan Munn

Translation: Maurice Olsen

John McKay, Pres. Maritime Region

Maurice Olsen, Pres. Moncton Chapter

John Stewart, Pres. PEI Chapter

Bill MacKenzie, EAP Representative.