Pictures from the Pensioners' Christmas Dinner, December 2, 2009.
The photographer, as usual, was John McKay.
We have had requests to add names so here goes! If we missed someone please don't take offence. If you want names added please email

Paul Barr, Mike Hartlen, Bill Grant

Fran Dibblee, Rachel Forbes

Marilyn Freeman

Bill and Barb MacKenzie

Gerry Wile, Fred Hunt, Al Spurr

Gerry Wile, Baz Miller, Fred Hunt, Esther Spurr

Margie Wicks, Bill Wicks, Walter Wicks, Byron MacMillan

Bob Theakson, Brenda Roach

Dorthy Grant, Graham Poirier

Alice Sprague-Robertson, Bob Blom, Colleen Blom

John Nowlan, Paul Cormier

Don and Jean Tremaine

Fran Dibblee and Blair Meagher

Pat Short and Bert Skinner

Curt McSwain and Jack Goodhew

David McClafferty and Grant Pattison

Pete MacNeil and Jack Goodhew

Hazel and David Hamlin

Donnie Fraser and David Carr

Louise Fredericks, Rosalie Stoneman and Pat Short

Louise Fredericks and Paul Scott

Bill and Walter Wicks

Rosalie Stoneman and David McClafferty

Al Spurr

Gerry Gagnon

Grant Pattison

Rosalie Stoneman, ...?..., Joe Ratto

Sharlene Woods, Tom Pottie

Fred Hunt, Doug and Shirley Shaffner

Donnie Fraser and Doug Beattie

Dorthy and Bill Grant

Sandy Nowlan, John Nowlan and Geoff Turnbull

Barb Boudreau - did the dinner