Information Provider Fees & Services

Effective 21 September 1999

  Type Fee Description
  Basic IP Membership $50.00 per year (suggested).
  Information Provider Services
  Basic service no charge includes: 25 meg limit on space, volunteer training, 2 mailing lists, text-based dial-up service.
  PPP service $100.00 per year. includes: Basic services, plus graphics dial-up service.
  Virtual Domain Name hosting service $100.00 per year. includes: Basic services, plus CCN hosting of a user or member virtual domain name, organizational email address.

Additional registration fees from the registrating organization may apply. For details see

  Additional E-mail accounts $50.00 per year custom e-mail account
  CCN users are encouraged to become members.
  Prospective/current members and users are encouraged to make donations in support of CCN.
  The purchase of services does not require membership.
  Information Provider fees are payable in advance, and renewed annually.
  All other services (additional space, etc.) fees subject to board approval.