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Educational Resources

The McNabs Island Kit is available on loan to teachers and educators. This kit contains many hands-on materials about McNabs Island that are suitable for elementary and junior high students. It is a good way to prepare classes for a field trip to the island.

To borrow the kit, please email or call Cathy at 434-2254.

Guided Tours of McNabs Island

McNabs Island summer students provide guided tours of the island from early June until the end of August. Volunteers are available to provide tours at other times of the year. There is no charge for the guided tour, but visitors must cover the cost of their own and the guide's transportation to the island. For more information and to book a tour contact


The Friends of McNabs Island Society has produced a book, Discover McNabs Island, available from booksellers, some gift shops or through the Friends of McNabs Island. To purchase a book, please contact the Friends of McNabs Island Society, or fill out the order form.

Thomas H. Raddall's best selling book Hangman's Beach is a historical fiction about the McNab family set on McNabs Island in the 19th century. It is currently out of print but can often be found in second-hand bookstores, or borrowed from libraries or through the Friends of McNabs Island Society.


A large coloured aerial photo poster of McNabs and Lawlor is available for $5.00 (+ postage and handling) from the The Friends of McNabs. If purchasing a book locally (within HRM) we will give you a complementary poster. To purchase a poster, please contact the Friends of McNabs Island Society, or fill out the order form.