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Halifax Co, Nova Scotia
A Historical Overview
Brian Kinsman
Parks and Recreation Division
NS Department of the Environment
April 1995

This Internet version is prepared by Colin Stewart for the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists, with the permission of the author and publisher. The footnotes were deleted in preparing this version, and not all figures will be immediately available; otherwise the contents are unchanged.

What is this and Why have we made it available?

This is an INTERNET version of the above titled booklet by Brian Kinsman. The three islands (McNabs, Lawlors and Devils) have been in the process of becoming a provincial park for decades. They have immense natural, historical and recreational significance. Posting this document makes the historical significance more widely available.

Information on the McNabs Island Park Planning process including the public discussion documents will be available through the McNabs Island Park Home Page.


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  • Figure 1 Location Map
  • Figure 2 McNabs Island
  • Figure 3 Plan of Chibouquctou, 1711
  • Figure 4 A Plan of the Harbour of Chebuctou and Town of Halifax, 1750
  • Figure 5 Peter McNab II
  • Figure 6 James McNab
  • Figure 7 Land Ownership, McNabs Island, c.1855
  • Figure 8 McNabs Island and the Hugonin Home, c.1895
  • Figure 9 Hugonin - Perrin House, McNabs Island, c.1890, with Perrin Family
  • Figure 10 Halifax from McNabs Island, c.1862
  • Figure 11 McNabs Island, c.1885, showing Findlay House on Left and Former Innes Farm on Right
  • Figure 12 View on McNabs Island with Halifax in Background, c.1860
  • Figure 13a War Department Property, McNabs Island, 1867
  • Figure 13b War Department Property, McNabs Island, 1867
  • Figure 14 Peter McNab III Stone House, c.1870
  • Figure 15 Plan of the Peninsula and Harbour of Halifax, 1808
  • Figure 16 Southern Half of McNabs Island, 1865
  • Figure 17 H.M. Dockyard, Halifax, 1870, with Pyramus on Left
  • Figure 18 Sketch of Maughers Beach, c.1830
  • Figure 19 Woolnough's Pleasure Ground, August 9, 1873
  • Figure 20 Sherbrooke Tower, McNabs Island, c.1870
  • Figure 21 Fort Ives, c.1873

This Internet version of McNabs Island: An Historical Overview is provided by the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists (FNSN) as a contribution to the park planning process and was moved to the Friends of McNabs Island Society site for long term reference (July '97)

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