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Calligrapha Chevrolat

Calligrapha b. bidenticola - dorsal habitus.

The genus Calligrapha is a complex and diverse one with 38 species recognized in North America. Of these some 30 species occur in Canada, 14 of which have been recorded in Atlantic Canada. Wilcox (1972) provides keys and illustrations of most species. Species of Calligrapha are highly host specific and host plant information can be very important in assisting determination of the species.

A simplified key to the species found in Atlantic Canada adapted from Wilcox (1972):

  1. Elytra with longitudinal dark stripes. 2
    Elytra pale with numerous dark spots; in some forming irregular stripes. 3

  2. Pronotum entierley dark. 5.5-7.0 mm.- C. bidenticola Brown.
    Pronotum with pale lateral and apical margins. 5.0-6.5 mm. - C. californica coreopsivora Brown.

  3. Pronotum at least partly pale. - 4
    Pronotum entirely dark. - 5

  4. Pronotum with a broad pale apical and lateral band; sutural, sub-sutural, and arcuate bands separate. 6.5-8.0 mm. - C. multipunctata (Say)
    Pronotum with a narrow pale apical and lateral band (sometimes reduced to pale apical angles); sutural, sub-sutural, and arcuate bands confluent. 5.2-5.7 mm. - C. suturella Schaeffer

  5. Elytral epipleura black or dark metallic. 7.8-9.0 mm. - C. ignota Brown
    Elytral epipleura pale or reddish brown. - 6

  6. Elytral epipleurae distinctly darker than palest areas of elytra. - 7
    Elytral epipleurae as pale as palest part of elytra. - 8

  7. Much of pale elytral area darkened, reddish brown. 7.0-8.5 mm. - C. alni Schaeffer
    Elytral areas without or with little brownish color. 7.0-8.5 mm. - C. alnicola Brown

  8. Subsutural elytral stripe free from sutural stripe. - 9
    Subsutural elytral stripe confluent with sutural stripe. - 10

  9. On Cornus sp. (dogwood). 7.0-9.0 mm. - C. philadelphica (Linnaeus)
    On Cornus sp. (dogwood). 8.0 mm. - C. vicina Schaeffer

  10. On Ulmus sp. Body and elytral markings blue-green. 7.4-9.3 mm.- C. scalaris (LeConte)
    On Tilia sp. (linden); body and elytral markings blue-green. Sub-sutural spot of apical declivity seldom joined to sutural stripe. 8.6-10.0 mm. - C. virginea Brown
    On Tilia sp. (linden); body and elytral markings blue-green. Sub-sutural spot of apical declivity usually joined to sutural stripe. 8.0-9.2 mm. - C. tiliae Brown
    On Alnus sp. (alder). 7.0-8.0 mm. C. confluens Shaeffer
    On Cornus sp. (dogwood). 6.5-8.5 mm. C. rowena Knab

Calligrapha philadelphica - dorsal habitus.

Below are links to photographs of the species found in the region.

  1. Calligrapha alni Brown - on Alnus (alder)
  2. Calligrapha alnicola Brown - on Alnus (alder)
  3. Calligrapha b. bidenticola Brown - on Ambrosia (ragweed) and Coreopsis (coreopsis)
  4. Calligrapha californica corepsivora Brown - on Coreopsis (coreopsis), Bidens (beggar's-ticks), and Ambrosia (ragweed)
  5. Calligrapha confluens Schaeffer - on Alnus (alder)
  6. Calligrapha ignota Brown - on Betula (birch)
  7. Calligrapha multipunctata (Say) - on Salix (willow) and Populus (poplar)
  8. Calligrapha philadelphica (Linnaeus) - on Cornus (dogwood)
  9. Calligrapha rowena Knab - on Cornus (dogwood)
  10. Calligrapha scalaris (LeConte) - on Ulmus (elm)
  11. Calligrapha suturella Schaeffer - on Salix (willow)
  12. Calligrapha tiliae Brown - on Tilia (linden)
  13. Calligrapha vicina Schaeffer - on Cornus (dogwood)
  14. Calligrapha virginea Brown - on Tilia (linden)


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