We've pulled together some of the relevant reports from the last few years.

Government Reports

These papers have been produced by the Federal and Provincial Governments.

There have been four government reports pertaining to midwifery and reproductive care in the last few years. We've listed them most recent first.

Primary Maternity Care Working Group

Download the report. Released June 2005.

Primary Health Care Renewal

Download the Highlights

Download the Final Report

Released May 2003, this report includes recommendations for the implementation of midwifery. Copies should still be available from the Nova Scotia Department of Health, but it is available on their website (.pdf format) at Primary Health Care Renewal: Action for Healthier Nova Scotians

Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow)

And then there's the Romanow report: Building on Values: the Future of Health Care in Canada, November 2002.

You may download the Final Report here (.pdf), or on their own website.

Regulated Midwifery and the Future of Health Care in Canada

The submission to the Romanow Commission by the Canadian Midwifery Regulators Consortium. Download here or on the Commission's website

Interdisciplinary Working Group Report on Midwifery Regulation in Nova Scotia

June 1999, the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Midwifery Regulation in Nova Scotia tabled its report entitled Recommendations for the Regulation and Implementation of Midwifery in Nova Scotia
The relevent links on the Department of Health site are now defunct, (except for the press release).

A Review of the Reproductive Care Program

In March 1997, The Reproductive Care Program for Nova Scotia released a report entitled
The Potential for Midwifery in Nova Scotia:
A Review by The Reproductive Care Program for Nova Scotia
on behalf of The Nova Scotia Department of Health.

The download of the report seems to be no longer available at their site.
You can still access their press release, though, before and after publication.

The Midwifery Coalition has written a response that discusses the needs identified in the focus groups showing how midwifery could address those needs.

Download it here. (.pdf)

Other Reports of Interest