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Seldom is anything done by one person; such is true of this web site for Scottish Clans in New Scotland (Nova Scotia).

This web site was initiated in Pictou, Nova Scotia, at a meeting of Scottish Clans within Nova Scotia, October 1994, in commitment to improved communication among the Scots and Scottish clan societies operating within Nova Scotia. It is administered by the Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland as part of its contribution to the (then upcoming) 1995 International Gathering of the Clans

It is fitting that this web site began at Pictou, Nova Scotia, where the first Highland Scottish emigrants arrived on the ship Hector in 1773. Pictou is rightly acclaimed as The Birthplace of New Scotland.

This www site is created to enable the clan societies to provide information to their clansfolk and others about their events, their unique rich Scottish heritage and their own experiences in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Participating clans share in providing information for this site.

In keeping with the spirit of clanship, we seek to inform anyone interested in the Scottish heritage of Nova Scotia about all the clans within our province.

More than 450 Scottish Clans and Septs (including Border, Lowland and Ulster Scots families who are at times called "clans") are represented.

Clans Armstrong, Brown, Cameron, Campbell, Davis, Douglass, Elliot, Fergusson, Gunn, Hamilton, Henderson, Lauder, MacBain, MacCulloch, MacIntyre, MacIvor, MacKay, MacLeod, Matheson, Munn, Murray, Ramsay, Ross and Wallace are providing information about their own societies, their heritage and their experience as clansfolk in Nova Scotia.

Some of the design of this Scottish Clans Web Site was inspired by the home pages of Matthew MacDonald, an outstanding young teenager of Clan Donald. Matthew writes a monthly column for Chebucto Connections, the monthly online newsletter of Chebucto Community Net (CCN). With Matthew's kind permission, his HTML designs have done much to enhance this site.

Clan Armstrong have rendered this site much less boring, by scanning images and photos, generously sharing HTML expertise, and by creating tartan web designs. Without their help in the struggling initial stages, this website might never have flown.

Clans Davis, MacPherson and Morrison have joined Clan Armstrong in providing interesting and appropriate graphics for our Scottish site.

We were graciously and generously granted permission to use tartan graphics prepared by John Andrea at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and Dick Grune at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Clan Henderson generously offer time on Netscape, to view and correct pages created in (text based) lynx. In the Multicultural spirit of working together enjoyed among ethnic groups within Nova Scotia, Fe Prechtl of the Phillipines and her husband, Ambros Prechtl of Germany, also offer generous time on Netscape on their computers. The Halifax City Library, and The Second Cup (Nova Scotia's first CyberCafe) make computers running netscape available to patrons, a great advantage in preparing this web site.

Chris Cannon, who develops the impressive website featuring Castles by Cannon, kindly takes the interest and time to carefully document broken links wherever they may be within the more than 1450 sub-directories on this website for Scottish Heritage in New Scotland. Without immediate access to Netscape, broken links are almost impossible to locate. We are humbly grateful to Chris for finding these pesky "closed gates" so we may remedy them as soon as possible.

The FSCNS acronym found in our URL stands for "Friendly Scottish Clans in New Scotland". Any similarity to an acronym of an organization or society operating within or without Nova Scotia is purely coincidental.

This site for The Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia was developed by the late Janet MacKay (1941-1999) and is now administered by Alasdair McKay

The Scots and Scottish Clans participating in this project, express appreciation to Chebucto Community Net (CCN) for offering the opportunity to share our information and activities on this web site.

Janet MacKay, B.R.E., B.Sc.
At one time President
Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland
Halifax, Nova Scotia

November 02, 1996

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