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History of Scots in Nova Scotia

       Brief Overview of the Founding of New Scotland; 
       Scottish Emigrants Who Came Here; 
       Scottish Experience in New Scotland 

Scottish Clans {*} Scottish Clan System

      (a) History of Clans (Scotland and New Scotland)  

      (b) Scottish Clans   
          Home pages of more than 175 Clans (including some Septs)
      (c) Scottish Clan Septs
          {1} Of What Clan is This Sept?
          {2} What Septs Belong to This Clan?
      (d) On the Difference Between a Clan and a Clan Society
      (e) International Gathering of the Clans

Scottish Role in Nova Scotia's Multicultural Mosaic

      (a) The Scottish Culture in Multiculturalism
      (b) The Scots at G-7 Summit Odyssey: Celebration '95
      (c) Celebration '95
      (d) The Multicultural Mosaic of Nova Scotia
      (e) Multicultural Books

New Scotland [Nova Scotia, if you prefer the Latin]

      (a) Origin of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
      (b) Crest of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
      (c) Shield of Arms of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
      (d) Flag of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
      (e) Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
      (f) The Mayflower -=- 
          the Floral Emblem of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
      (g) Yet still the blood is strong, the heart is Highland.
          The Canadian Boat Song

Through the Years in Scotland and New Scotland

      (a) A Nova Scotia Memorial to Dunblane

      (b) Current Issues in Nova Scotia and Scotland History
          {1} Duke of Sutherland; His Statue; The Clearances
          {2} Where was Nova Scotia in Edinburgh Castle Grounds?
          {3} Myths About Kirking of the Tartan
          {4} The Facts About Tartan Day

      (c) History of Scots in Scotland
          {1} Battle of Culloden
          {2} Castles in Scotland
          {3} Searching for Scottish Ancestors
          {4} The Highland Clearances
          {5} Battle of Falkirk
          {6} General History of the Highlands

      (d) Gaelic was official language in original Garden of Eden. 
          The serpent, of course, was speaking English. (L. Sinclair)
      (e) Seen & Heard Among the Scots
          This and That and Other Things -- Infobits of Interest

      (f) Tales of Scottish Wildlife
          Haggis, Loch Ness Monster, et al.

      (g) Whiskying and Dining in Scotland and New Scotland
          Oats, Haggis, Whisky, More!
          Includes Alexander Graham Bell, Balmoral Mills Grist Mill

      (h) Computer Chair Travel to Celtic Countries
	  Scotland, New Scotland, Ireland, Wales, et al.
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